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Splash House: Top 5 Best Acts [Recap]

Jun 17 2015

We took a little break from scouring the corners of the internet to face the desert resort town that is Palm Springs. Admittedly, we music writers prefer prowling out to dark clubs when the moon is full instead of spending two full days under the sun, but we fell in love with the friendly people, great vibes, and stunning sets. Although we loved every act that was playing, there were some really great performances from a spectacular few. Check out our favorite DJ’s from the weekend, and let us know who you enjoyed!

5. Amtrac


We’re not going to lie, by the end of the first day, exhaustion had set in, and The Saguaro, the hotel Amtrac was set to play at, was more than a little gross by day’s end. The pool water was mixed with beer, the ground was too saturated to soak in any more pool water, and all of this combined with the heat made it a less than stellar place for an act like Amtrac to grace the venue. Nonetheless, the guy was an absolute rockstar. He catered to his crowd and knew exactly what they wanted to hear, and while that in itself is easy for anyone to do, he further managed to bring in new tracks to mesh with new, giving everyone a good reason to fall in love with him a little more. Plus, while I did trash the venue in my previous sentences, the place is still stunning in pictures.

4. Gina Turner


House music doesn’t see gender, but if it did, it would be saying that the ladies were kicking some serious ass in Palm Springs. While Turner had some malfunctions (even Pioneer mixers, CDJ’s, and macbook pros have their limits temperature-wise), she knew how to handle everything with professionalism and serious grace. Admittedly we’re missing a photo from Gina Turner’s set, but that’s just because we were feeling a bit woozy from our day-drinking and intense heat, but trust us, this lady hasn’t withstood years in the festival and club circuit for nothing. Plus, did you see photos of her and her daughter from the weekend on instagram? Adorable.

3. Worthy and Christian Martin


On Day 2, I had made the conscious decision to stay at the Hacienda hotel for as long as possible. This was great for reasons other than the DJ sets I listened to while I tanned for the first time in years, but Worthy and Christian Martin playing for a good part of my afternoon was the absolute icing on the cake. While Worthy and Christian Martin are two different artists with unique styles, the Dirtybird theme reigned strong during Sunday, and we were more than excited to feel the cool vibes of San Francisco’s finest.

2. Le Youth


While there were some fundamental house lovers at the event, Le Youth managed to switch things up and play in his special R&B dance ways. He’s always had a special touch to him, and it was none more evident in his set this weekend. He’s killin’ it, but that’s always been the case.

1. Anna Lunoe


The young Aussie definitely knows how to promote her music, get the crowd going crazy, and drop a few surprises all under an extremely sweaty stage surrounded by water and drunk fans. While Splash House is traditionally a haven for people who like house and only house, she managed to switch it up and throw some trap in the mix, giving her the edge that proved she knew what she was doing. Most of the sets throughout the weekend sounded much the same, but Lunoe’s magical hands behind the decks proved to be one of the most memorable sets throughout the weekend.

Honorable mention to our faves Pat Lok, Gigamesh, and Justin Jay.

Special thank you to Asa Moore from Goldenvoice for the spectacular photos, and for everyone that was there, who was your favorite? Make sure to let us know in your tweets and comments!