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Five FYF Acts We’re Pumped To See

Aug 20 2015

FYF is quickly approaching, and us here in LA (we’re Lauren and Kristi btw, hi!) have a serious case of butterflies. FYF has always prided itself on it’s eclectic lineup, spanning across genres seamlessly while featuring up-and-comers and seasoned vets alike. This year is no different, so we’ve rounded up some artists that we’re most excited to see this year and also when and where to catch them! Check out the list after the jump.


D’angelo is the Cinderella story we’d been hoping would be completed before it got too late. He’s a bit like that couple that should have always ended up together, but it took two divorces and 20 difficult years for it to finally happen… things could have gone smoother, but it’s all okay now.
We’ve seen D’angelo take over as a sex symbol, fall from grace and disappear, and then come back as the man his audience needs him to be in 2015. It’s been a tough road, and a lot of the musical landscape has changed over the years, but he’s proven that nothing is impossible, and that he’s an incredibly strong man to beat down. If that’s the sort of willpower that can be absorbed through his music, then we’ll be there for every minute of it.

Also, we just really want to see him live. 1995 was his debut release? I was two! The younger side of the millennial generation never got the chance… Catch us, catching him from Sunday 9:45- 10:55 on The Lawn.



Simian Mobile Disco

The boys are back in town and they are ready to end Saturday night with a serious bang. Admittedly, the first time this little writer was able to experience the glory that is the English duo was at their last Coachella experience, and not in an intimate (read: claustrophobic) space in the shady side of town like a good music listener is supposed to. However, their live show in the desert had me hooked, and I’m pretty glad to be getting a much needed fix in the form of brilliant analogue production work. With beautiful music all around, there’s no reason to miss their late night set. Can’t wait to see what they bring this time. They’ll be closing out Saturday night from 12:45-2am at The Arena.


dj dodger

DJDS (Dj Dodger Stadium)

Made up of Jerome LOL and Samo Sound Boy, DJ Dodger Stadium is quintessentially LA. Their stellar 2014 release “Friend Of Mine” combined ecstatic forms of house and techno and had the biggest music nerds singing their praises. Recently, the two released the warm and lush “You Don’t Have To Be Alone,” who’s music video features a bunch of dogs playing in the ocean together which is very much my vibe. Aside from the music, even the moniker on its own is a perfect reflection of what you can expect from the Body High label heads. Equal parts elegance and camp, as well as a celebration of the city of angels. You can find them on Saturday from 4:00-4:45pm in The Arena.




It’s no surprise that HEALTH is a favorite among ours. After three consecutive sold out shows at the Echo earlier this year, the LA based slazz kings have solidified themselves as one of the most electrifying live acts of 2015. On the tails of their latest release Death Magic, their evolving sound is more driven by heavy pop and electronica, the term “dark disco” seems to fit their aesthetic quite nicely. Expect a lot of noise that you can almost (almost) dance too. You can them Sunday from 7:50-8:35 in The Trees.



Nicolas Jaar

Can I fangirl out for a moment? Coachella 2014, I somehow ran into a friend that was a friend of Nicolas Jaar. I will never forget this night. It was after his (and Dave Harrington’s) Darkside performance, which had irrevocably just changed my life forever, and he was incredibly humble for someone who had just rocked a whole audience with mind-blowing amazing-ness. While the average Coacheller chose Pharrell that night because of set schedules, we knew we had seen something far more special. Anyways, that is the only real impression I have of the artist- super nice guy who unknowingly affected my life. I’ve never had the chance to check out his solo DJ sets, but considering all that I’ve seen and heard from him throughout my musical lifetime, dude’s going to slay his timeslot. He’s playing from 8:30-10 on Sunday in The Arena.

Head on over to fyffest.com for Ticketing, News and so much more. You can check out the full list of set times down below, and go on and listen to our FYF playlist over on Soundcloud to get yourselves ready. We’ll see you there!