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FYF Recap and Our Five Favorite Acts

Aug 26 2015

This weekend I headed down to FYF and I gotta be honest, the slew of last minute cancellations left me with a funny feeling in my belly. Besides the whole Frank/Kanye diabolical, ultimate dad rock outfit Deerhunter wasn’t going to be there to perform one of my all time favorite albums, Halcyon Digest. Not to mention the tragic cancellation of Ben UFO and Joy Orbinson due to visa troubles. But despite all of that, I was presently surprised by the talent and minor changes the festival had put into action this year.

3The nightmare of last year was entering the arena, keeping the crowd barricaded outside until \finally opening the doors to a mob of angry festival goers. This year a separate entrance for the floor was put in place, and festival goers waited in a constantly moving line to enter. No panic attacks for this girl. The layout was no different than last year, and the trek from The Lawn (the second largest stage) to the Main Stage was long enough to make most attendees exhausted. Yet despite my aching feet, the diverse group of artists and positive energy of the crowd kept my spirits high. I saw so many wonderful and talented people, but somehow I narrowed my favorites down to five. Check out my quick recap of each after the jump, and get ready for a wild ride.


Chk Chk Chk 

I haven’t paid much attention to !!! since their 2010 album Strange Weather, Isn’t It? But wow that’s all changed since witnessing the absolutely amazing show these boys put on Saturday night. Grooving in and out of hits like “Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass,” it was impossible for anyone to not have a good time. Also, not to mentions the fact that the lead singer of !!! wears such short shorts and lives his life to the fullest he is my role model.



Nicolas Jaar

Nico Jarr lit up The Arena (or as I like to call it the Rave Cave) on Sunday night. Starting things off slow, Jarr knew exactly how to build and tease the last bits of serotonin from an exhausted crow. The peak came when he played the legend Geraldine Hunt, the full blown dance party really was a sight to see. I don’t go to church but I did see Nico on a Sunday so that’s basically the same thing right?


nicolas-jaar-fka-twigs-kanye-west-and-the-gays-saved-fyf-fest-1440443917Kanye West

Kanye knows exactly what he does and why he does it. A true performer, artist and visionary. Kanye made sure we heard every hit, performing a song a minute during the ten minute finale and then fishing with his emotional “Only One.” Dude even had Rihanna come out for not only one, but two songs. Kanye’s performance was even better than this video, and that’s saying something.



One of the classiest sets of the weekend, seriously I wish I had a wine/cheese plate while I was watching. D’Angelo really came in with a fun for the whole family vibe. From 2000’s “Spanish Joint” to his fan favorite “Brown Sugar,” the crooner proved once and for all that he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.



The crowd was warm and inviting as the new six-piece backing band took the stage at sunset, swaying from side to side as hits like “Only You Can Show Me” and “Sweetness Alive” filled the air. Afterwards the mood was lighter, everyone was smiling and Goldroom was finally able to showcase his own version of California pop to he city he calls home.




We’d like to thank the lovely people at FYF for having us, we hope to see some of y’all there next year!