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FYF x Discobelle: 5 most anticipated acts

Aug 16 2016

FYF fest is back in Los Angeles on the 27th and 28th of this month, and we at Discobelle (at least the LA writers) consider it our civic duty to attend the festival as part of our summer festival run. With that in mind, we dove straight in to find our favorite tracks and videos by the artists on the lineup to show you why the festival is one of Los Angeles’ best.

5. Vince Staples

Staples has probably been at the top of our radar in West Coast Hip Hop game, sitting next to the guys at TDE and YG as one of the most exciting lyricists in the music game today period. Personally, I’ve seen him on a smaller venue and absolutely kill it. With the eclectic blend of humor, stark reality, and brilliant lyricism, Staples is sure to be a must watch at the show

4. Anohni

I remember first hearing Anohni’s stunning vocal work with Hercules and Love Affair. “Blind,” and subsequently the other tracks on the self-titled debut album of the group shaped a large portion of my musical taste and style and so when Anohni’s project came about, I knew it was going to be profound, moving, and intellectual. While the Anohni project is a far jump from the 2008 disco-influenced jams, her powerful music seems to resonate even further in 2016 and the effect she’s had on the music landscape is beautiful. She’s working on actively bringing diversity into entertainment, and her critically acclaimed work is proof that being true to ones self is key.

3. Corbin

Corbin’s singing captured the internet by storm circa 2013/2014 when he released grainy footage music videos like “Without You.” Donning a durag and walking through the snow, it wouldn’t be too strange to think that the artist then known as Spooky Black was bound for massive stardom. Admittedly he’s since been a little quiet, but that doesn’t mean the world isn’t eagerly waiting. Word is that a debut album is in the works, but fans that are eager for more in the meantime found solace in Thestand4rd, the Minnesota born group that consisted of Allen Kingdom, Bobby Raps, Psymun, and Corbin himself. It’ll be cool to see how time has influenced the young up-and-comer, and FYF will be the perfect landscape for this.

2. Kendrick Lamar

Okay, admittedly, I was incredibly tempted to put LCD Soundsystem as the second artist for this list, but at the end of the day, we’re in the city of LA, so we had to include the reigning king at the (almost) top of the list. Intimate shows by Lamar were provided at various moments in the last year and a half, but with the rigged system that is buying tickets online these days, we’re not confident too many people were able to see him. Personally, it’s been since 2013 that I was able to check him out on stage, so this one is an absolute must for everyone at FYF.

1. Grace Jones

You guys. Do I even have to explain?

Honorable Mentions; Young Thug, Kamaiyah, Denzel Curry, Father John Misty, Floating Points, Museum of Love.