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Premiere: w. baer – The Shakes

Oct 18 2016

Burbank, California based producer w. baer has been working with the amazing record label Hush Hush for a while now, and they teamed up yet again to release an eerie, 5-track EP titled “Wait a minute…who am i here?” set for an October 28th release date.

The entire EP resonates hard with the darker themes that naturally begin to flow in as Fall and Winter slowly transition over, and the resulting project is perfectly dropped in time for Halloween. The project title was also inspired by the cult 1987 thriller b-movie The Stepfather, so the synth-heavy darker tones are embedded right into the foundation.

“The Shakes” is the track off the EP that we are premiering today. The eloquent seven and a half minute track is frightening, moving, and emotion evoking; the song itself is film-esque in it’s structure and narrative, and the result is one you need to hear for yourself.

Listen to the track below.