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Premiere: Piqi Miqi – Don’t Fall In Love With Me

Oct 20 2016


It’s Thursday, which means we’re getting ready to put together our weekend playlist, and this one will definitely be blasted during the after hours parts of the long nights we’re about to have in the next couple of days. With a blend of Depeche Mode and Daft Punk’s Tron soundtrack in tow, Piqi Midi compels an unique style. Heartbreak bursts through in the song, and “Don’t Fall In Love With Me” is simultaneously creative and emotionally stirring.

This is what he has to say about the track himself-

“I had just broken up with my ex-girlfriend who took me into a whirlwind of fucked up situations. I was a sucker for love and when I realized I had she was totally playing with me. I felt like “Don’t Fall in Love with Me” was my public service announcement to all women in my life thereafter. I felt that I was never going to fall in love again. That I would never get close to another girl again. I also feel like this is how some girls are after getting let down by a few a too many guys. They grow this hard shell. When you start to show them you’re committed, they get scared and run away.

I made the beat maybe 3 years ago, and the chorus was there. I revisited the instrumental in 2015 after my breakup with a lot of sad feelings (a bit mentally unstable even). I got into the recording booth and literally cried the lyrics so it sounds as if my voice is weeping with pain. I thought it would be fun to exaggerate “Don’t Fall in Love wit Me” and make it a theatrical. I wanted to created this vortex of darkness but make it sonically stylish and minimal. As if it’s cool to be this heart-breaker. I was really inspired by Depeche Mode, and the Human League at this moment and you can feel like in the dark wave synths and drum kits.

For the Video I play a small time criminal in the Gothic city of Prague. He’s making his way up in the world but now he’s under surveillance. His weakness for cheap thrills gets him caught up with a decoy and he now has to leave his girl behind.”

Piqi Midi is a Czech Republic based artist from the US that has been juggling music and work for various years. The NYU alum was formerly one-half of duo The DAT, and is now a solo act embedding himself further into Prague’s alt culture.

Check out the track below.