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Premiere: Shiftee – Go Preemee ft. Svpreme Ink

Oct 24 2016

DJ Shiftee has been one of my favorite underground producers, especially when it comes to music made for partying, and I’m especially excited to let everyone know about this stunning track that’s premiering with us today. “Go Preemee” is the latest, and sees the talented producer team up with Brooklyn-based Svpreme Ink, a lyricist who’s complex style shines through in this piece.

With an emotional element to an otherwise beyond catchy song, the two create some truly great magic, and the resulting piece is one for the books.

According to DJ Shiftee-

“I was hanging with Dre (Svpreme Ink’s manager) at a studio session in Atlanta, and he was like, “you need to hear Svpreme.” He played me one of her tracks, and I was immediately sold, “YO! We need to work together.” Turns out Svpreme & I both live in Brooklyn, on the same subway line even, and we clicked musically right away. We had one writing session, where we knocked out 3 songs in a few hours, and then got up the next week at Red Bull NYC to record 2 of them. The first of these is Go Preemee, which is meant to be sort of an anthem for Svpreme (aka PREEMEE), but really for anyone to channel his or her confidence, talent, & swagger.”

… And according to Svpreme Ink- “I was complaining to my manager Dre about how I needed to get inspired with music again. He told me he just linked up with this guy Shiftee at a session in ATL. He told me Shiftee loved the music and his sound would inspire me to try something new so we linked! The vibe was so solid and natural. The energy clicked and the work just happened. The first day, me and DJ Shiftee knocked out 3 or 4 songs, but when we started recording “Go Preemee” we knew it was the one. It’s different than the music I usually make but its a song that gets people moving. It’s happy, it’s a party, I love that and creating it was fun too. It was the inspo I was looking for. Wouldn’t be surprised if you see more work from me and Shiftee in the near future!”

For those of you that don’t know, DJ Shiftee is an esteemed turntablist, producer, and head honcho at Hot Mom USA. Svpreme Ink, originally from Brooklyn, is a Rapper, Writer, Tattooist and Model.

The track will be released on the 28th of this month (it’s this Friday!). Check out the song below.