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Deep 6 Division – Ain’t Got It (Feat. Elevator Jay)

Oct 26 2016

This one is a bit of a strange one, but get past it’s initial weirdness and it’s a hidden gem that’s remarkable and refreshing for the Hip Hop landscape. It’s the latest from from Deep 6 Division with an added feature from Charlotte, NC heavyweight Elevator Jay, is a master gem that mixes high level intensity with electronic edge to craft together a track that is equally strong in its lyricism as it is in production value.

While the track can have a repetitive flow at times, it’s got a touch of Danny Brown’s early Fool’s Gold swagger embedded into the piece, and the resulting work indicates that they might have what it takes to continue in the rap game.

On the track itself, this is what Rapper Shane had to say-

“Jay is one of my best friends and favorite rappers. One evening, Jay and I were hanging out drinking beers listening to some of the beats Mike had been making for this Deep 6 project and when the beat for “Ain’t got it” came on, Jay knew it was the one for him. Jay is a Charlotte native who raps with a classic southern, country rap tunes approach so to have him on the Deep 6 project is bit out of his norm… which made for a really rad song. We all out here trying to get paper yet we realize money don’t mean shit in life.. but at the same time its everything when you don’t have any. Mr. West said it best ” having moneys not everything, not having it is”. We just expanded on the topic, when shit gets tough you wanna get bread by any means, day dreaming what life would be like if you robbed a bank etc.. we ain’t them dudes to rob a bank but when you flat broke, dumb shit like that has crossed most peoples minds, but more in a fantasy way. We hollered at our bud Shamus Coneys to cook up a visual for us.. we acquired an ATM, lit that bitch on fire and just rapped outside an abandoned warehouse. The song is pretty to the point so we felt the visual should be as well!

Check out the video below.