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Donnie Castle – Oooh

Feb 28 2017

“Oooh” is the debut single (was released last Friday via Something Beautiful) from Swedish producer Donnie Castle and it’s a hypnotising, dance around in your living room kind of electronic pop/housed up track.

“In 2015 I went through a rough breakup, we had been together for a long time. She moved to Malmö and I remained in my hometown Gothenburg. Since our intense relationship, I had distanced myself from former friends and was now all alone.” Castle says of the track. “This sent me down a path of pure destructiveness. During the day I earned pennies on posting bills for Gothenburg’s nightlife and nights I spent in underground clubs and found a new relationship with the drug LSD. I lived fast as the light, the money i earned was never important to me. It was the contacts, the crowd and the escape from reality.”