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[Premiere] Jake Alder (ft. Charlotte Turnbull) – Think Back

Sep 26 2017

Emerging UK producer Jake Alder has now teamed up with exciting young alt R&B artist Charlotte Turnbull for the radio-friendly single jam “Think Back” which is being released on September 29th. Jake Alder is perhaps best known for a more electronic sounding pop productions and this is first foray into a more R&B inspired sound.

The soulful vocals works in perfect chemistry with the melodies of a super tight electronic pop/r&b production and its clever synth work.

“When I wrote the beat it had this RnB feel which I hadn’t done before so I couldn’t imagine anyone else singing on it apart from Charlotte. She’s an amazing RnB singer/songwriter so the writing process came really naturally.” – Jake Alder

“I remember Jake showing me the instrumental and I loved it immediately, it fitted the direction I want to take my music. The lyrics are about not letting anything get in the way of a relationship when things are tough.” – Charlotte Turnbull