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[Premiere] Ryan Vail – Shadows (video)

Sep 26 2017

Irish artist Ryan Vail released his debut album last year and his exquisite blend of electronica, classical and folk music has been met with critical acclaim. Here’s the visuals for his latest single “Shadows” which is released on September 29th via Quiet Arch.

“The song deals with my initial personal struggle to become a full-time artist. While I was before in a job that was comfortable, music haunted me at every turn. I’d kept my passion subdued as I was led to believe that its currently impossible to survive as a full-time musician nowadays. The lyrics refer to music as a person. “My love cuts like a knife” refers to the fact that it hurt not to be able to follow my love for music. “Your heart, it holds my life “is the job I couldn’t escape from. As the track progresses I talk of things like “All my life I’ve weighed lies”, the doubts that I had about becoming a full- time musician and surviving. The track ends with me accepting I need to change my life as my “heart don’t feel so good””