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Whethan & Charli XCX – Love Gang (Nick AM Remix)

Oct 2 2017

Forgive me for being biased but nobody can tell me that their city is greater than mine. I have a level of respect and admiration for NYC and the people who dwell within; their hustle is stronger, their desire is greater, and for those who make it on these concrete streets, the reward is infinitely greater. When it comes to being a producer or a recording artist, it seems like everyone has this notion that they’ll figure it out if they move to LA. Well newsflash, NYC just does it better. Case in point, Nick AM, a local producer that I have the distinct privilege of calling a friend. I’ve monitored his rise to the present, marveled at his “Love Lockdown” rework and seen firsthand how passionate he is about his work. His “Love Gang” remix dropped last week and recently breached the coveted #1 spot on the Hypem charts, solidifying his status as a DIY artist to watch. Remixing anything by Whethan and Charli XCX can be a bit of a challenge for most producers but Nick has a penchant for putting his own spin on tracks while not overshadowing the glowing appeal behind the original production. Keep an eye out for this guy. You don’t want to be the person claiming you knew all about him when he inevitably starts headlining festivals near you.