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Saved By The Belle: 003 – CRAY

Oct 20 2017

‘Saved By The Belle’ is a platform for artists to speak up. Tour announcements, chart toppers, sold-out shows… all we read about as fans is success, winning, and the picture-perfect life that artists supposedly live. The ‘Saved By The Belle’ interview series is about authenticity and transparency – It offers artists an opportunity to share their story, speak up about causes they’re passionate about, talk about interests outside of music, etc. There are no restrictions and the only requirement is being genuine.

Joining us for the third installment of SBTB is the artistic, free spirit who goes by the name of CRAY. We wanted to know what makes her tick, what she’s passionate about, and how she manages to stand out and be herself. Her message of self-confidence and belief is an inspiring one, her music is infectiously addictive, and every bit of evidence suggests that this special human blend of positivity, talent, and vision makes for a formidable culmination of artistic potential. Learn more about her below via this exclusive interview w/ Discobelle.

1. Hi Cheney, thanks for joining us for the second episode of “Saved By The Belle.” Before we get into anything, let’s start with something a bit simple – who are you and what should we know about you?

Heyo, thank you for having me. I am a human being I think uhhhh. I’m a producer, gamer streamer, newly singer and songwriter. I’m a big fan of cheese and muffins. I really dislike strawberries but got a strawberry tattoo so I force myself to love them.

2. Why do you make music?

I make music to express myself. Making music is a therapy for me, a comfort and is a huge release of emotion. I make music to show that emotion to people, to be there for them. Music has saved me, has saved all of us and I do it for that reason. – There is no better feeling than having that impact on someone else’s life, it makes it impact your own. Music has always been there for me, and I want my music to be there for others.

3. As an artist, how do you shutout the distractions, outside noise, and focus on your craft?

I used to be really bad at shutting out distractions. It would consume me. I get overwhelmed very easily and shut down. I have found meditation and breathing to be a huge help in my life. It’s still hard. I have two jobs, Twitch and music, find the balance at first was very difficult for me. I got burnt out for a while and had to center myself and focus on my goals. My life is all about balance, everything can be achieved if you give time to everything equally instead of over working one and burning out.

4. What/how do you challenge the status quo?

Honestly I spend little time worrying about what’s going to “do well” and focus on what does right. Not everything has to be a calculated move that will ” succeed” from day one I’ve always done what I wanted. For better or for worse I just do shit when it feels right. I upload chill music, or trap music, I put out whatever I want whenever, with artwork made in 3 mins. I just want to be authentic always, I think that people aren’t used to that.

5. Tell us about Twitch and how you’re using it to grow your brand.

Twitch is my family. I’ve always been a gamer, but never knew the world of Twitch until last year. It has become a platform for me to express my thoughts; tell fans when I’m doing something, how I’m doing something. My streams can consist of me gaming, djing, singing, ranting about an issue or even building Legos. I think it has also shown people that I’m a real person. I can cry, be upset, be passionate about things and still be a cool artist. It’s very real, being live you can’t hide much. If I’m having a bad day everyone knows it but its real and honest and my fans/followers resonate with that. Social media only shows a small portion of my life and I use Twitch to show the real, vulnerable side of me.

6. What do you love/hate the most about working in this industry?

I love when I find something meaningful. You can sense when a song has meaning and it inspires me. There are beautiful people in this industry and I look up to so many people and feel included and equal. The other half is full of shit. I think working hard for your place is rad but there’s a whole game of money, power and political bullshit that I don’t understand. People fighting over time slots for lineups, for where their name will be placed on a song, etc. I don’t think that should be such a focus.

7. If you could change the world through your music, how would you do it?

Music does change the world. I think one of my songs helping just one person get through something makes a difference. I always try to have my writing be about shit that’s real and not cheesy bullshit. I try to connect with people, music has saved us all and always will.