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Saved By The Belle: 004 – Kamandi

Dec 15 2017

‘Saved By The Belle’ is a platform for artists to speak up. Tour announcements, chart toppers, sold-out shows… all we read about as fans is success, winning, and the picture-perfect life that artists supposedly live. The ‘Saved By The Belle’ interview series is about authenticity and transparency – It offers artists an opportunity to share their story, speak up about causes they’re passionate about, talk about interests outside of music, etc. There are no restrictions and the only requirement is being genuine.

It’s been a crazy end-of-year for us here at Discobelle and for our final Saved By The Belle interview of the year, we’re happy to have emerging producer Kamandi on deck. The New Zealand-based up and comer was first discovered by Red Bull Sound Select and is rapidly emerging as one of the go-to songwriters around the world. His diverse style ranges everywhere from trap to house, chill to rap, and when it comes to music, it’s apparent that his creativity knows no limits. Check out our exclusive interview and his newest single “Goldie,” dedicated to his daughter.

1. Hi Kamandi, thanks for joining us. Before we get into anything, let’s start with something a bit simple – who are you and what should we know about you?

I’m Kamandi, a music producer. If you haven’t heard my music you probably will soon.

2. Why do you make music?

Because I have to. I rely on music as an outlet, or an escape, or a way to talk to people. If i couldn’t make music I’d for sure go insane. I’ve been lucky to always have friends around me but I’ve also always felt like an outsider. I don’t always agree with or really care about how things are ‘supposed’ to be in the world. That for sure got me into trouble with the law a bit growing up but it also helps me now with music because i don’t pressure myself to sound like how people maybe expect music to sound. Music is really just my tool to try and communicate how i feel.

3. Tell us what it means to have a massive global brands like Red Bull and Trap Nation/Lowly Palace in your corner.

I mean it’s cool to know that big players want to be part of my vision. Having support from these places definitely helps with the career side of music. I guess if i can make a living off music then I am free to make music whenever I want, so that’s cool.

4. Do you think your versatility is moreso an asset or a curse and why?

That’s a cool question. I think about this a lot. I guess some people want to hear more of the same sound they liked, so when i think about that it could be a curse. Other people really appreciate change and evolution or whatever, and they seem to be the type of fans who really stick with me so in that sense it’s a definite asset. I’m gunna lock in ‘asset’.

5. What do you see as the biggest differences between your home country and the U.S. music market?

I guess the main difference is that the US market is so much bigger and more influential to the world than the New Zealand market. But New Zealand definitely has heaps of talent for a small place.

6. Tell us something about you outside of music; interests, hobbies, passion etc.

I genuinely love seeing my family and friends happy. I’m learning more to focus on being happy myself too rather than caring too much about all the politics of the music game.

7. What do you see as your biggest challenge moving forward as an artist and how do you plan on overcoming?

Probably myself. I think a lot of artists swing between full confidence and complete self doubt. I’m making efforts to only surround myself with driven people who believe in the vision. Having good people around keeps me going.

Photo Credit: @benz