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(Premiere) EMM – Dirty

Aug 3 2018

LA-based emerging singer-songwriter, producer, performer and women’s advocate EMM is here with her new single “Dirty” and we are happy to have the premiere. EMM’s music is unique, in that she has a hand in every instrument in the track, every word, and every melody you hear throughout. According to EMM, a mere 5 percent of music producers in the industry today are female and EMM is looking to challenge the status quo. 

“Dirty is my anthem for every girl that’s been weighed down and wounded by the shame that’s constantly inflicted on women. Every day, we are told that we are both  “not enough” and “too much.” Growing up I really struggled to love myself and was constantly shamed for my body and my sexuality before I was even old enough to understand what was going on.”– EMM