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Chris Avantgarde – True Love

Oct 11 2018

German born, London-based producer Chris Avantgarde is back with “True Love,” a new single on VNTGRD – Chris’ self-made creative collective, record label, and publishing house focusing on conceptual electronic music releases.

“True love marks the first step into my new direction. It combines elements of previous influences with the new. It’s a record that can be listened to outside of a club-scenario. A hybrid of electronic melodic and cinematic gritty elements, telling a story about how music is the one true love for me, free to express myself in a way, and with a purpose that I hadn’t found before. It gives a taste of what’s to come but leaves room  for interpretation and hopefully imagination in the listener’s mind. Expression through music is true love for me, but it’s different for everyone else. This record is supposed to be interpreted very personally from listener to listener, representing what’s their true love to them and hopefully stay with people and stand the test of time beyond hypes.” – Chris Avantgarde