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August Landelius – All You Can Eat

Jan 23 2019

Swedish electronica producer August Landelius is back from a three year long hiatus with new single “All You Can Eat” (released by NAIV Recordings) which contains a pulsating bassline, delicate vocals from August himself. His forthcoming debut album is slated for a release later in 2019.

“’All You Can Eat’ is about the specific social group I’m from, let’s say advantaged, western, freshly ‘woke’ young men. I’m a very privileged boy from Sweden and white male Swedes from where I’m from are used to complaining about all kinds of small things. I was extremely grossed out by myself and all my whining about useless problems. Not that I loved myself before, but now I almost felt like I had lost my identity, which is really pathetic. The thing is I couldn’t really help being a bit sad even though I now really, really understood how privileged I was”