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32Stitches – Heroes

Mar 29 2019

In a world that seems to be filled with so much angst and negativity, it is more important than ever to recognize those who do good on a daily basis. The producer from Mumbai, 32Stitches, has just released a song dedicated to those who sacrifice themselves and even their life to help others in need. His latest single “Heroes” is an emotionally charged homage that is uplifting and truly inspiring. He has captivated us with a cinematic music video that is a tribute to the artist’s biggest heroes.

Heroes is a track I dedicated to my real life heroes around me, especially my family. At all times while growing up, there was only one constant lesson; To be a good human being. This track is how I want to convey what I’ve learned while growing up in the language I speak the best. –32Stitches

Stream it here: