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Alec Baker – Sunslide (ft. Summer Heart & Tony Jian)

Apr 12 2019

Alec Baker is the moniker for Sweden based guitarist and producer Viktor Jansåker. Having spent the main part of the last two years traveling between Sweden, London, and New York, including spending countless late-night sessions in studios and bedrooms has resulted in numerous songs, unexpected collaborations and newfound friendships.

On his magnificent debut single, “Sunslide”, he goes down a path to make sure we get a soulful, warm weather-ready pop jam with help from Summer Heart (also a producer on the track) and London rapper Tony Jian. The track is the first of many that will present Alec Baker to a wider audience and is released today via our friends over at Swedish label Something Beautiful.

“To me, the song gives a dreamlike impression, similar to the feeling big cities sometimes give you. People from all over the world are drawn to those places, to live within that energy. We wrote the song after I spent a lot of time in London and New York. I experienced some fantastic things, but also got an insight into the downsides. The song is a result of both.”