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[Premiere] Xinobi – Piano Lessons

May 15 2019

Portuguese producer/dj Bruno Cardoso is better known as Xinobi and the Lisbon based producer is now delighted to announce his return in the form of new single “Piano Lessons”. The three track single is slated for release this Friday, May 17th via Discotexas.

The single consists of two tracks that are both rooted and built around the piano. The piano being the most important element here, building on an idea that occurred to Xinobi, that of trying to learn the piano and then integrate it as much as possible on future releases, of which this marks the first. We here at Discobelle can proudly premiere the steadfast and housey title track “Piano Lessons” which has a classical feel with a jazzed up arrangement that makes this track twist like a snake until it finally explodes into a straight up ethereal banger.

“Piano Lessons came as pure magic, it was recorded and played a bit randomly, I’ve only added a few small tweaks when producing the track. Proof it was a magical moment the first time around. I have since tried to play it again and still can’t get as close to the soul I can feel in the original recording. Proof to me that that first time around was truly a magical moment”