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[Premiere] Anthony Starble – Stay The Same

May 23 2019

Los Angeles based pop/r&b artist Anthony Starble (who has collaborated with artists such as Beck, Ben Lee, and Kristen Chenoweth) and talented producer HAOO (NÉONHÈART) unleash their brand new single track “Stay The Same”, it’s an electronica-laced and highly addictive pop/r’n’b sounding track interspersed with amazing vocal delivery.

“When I listen to the finished product of “Stay The Same” I feel like there have boundaries knocked down that used to limit how I viewed myself as an artist. I don’t always have to fit in a box where I’m an emotional singer/songwriter who plays piano and have all my releases echo that part of me. “Stay The Same” really excites me as to what possibilities exists for me creatively and it really inspires me to keep exploring and challenging who I think I am.”