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Saint Lane – Sugary Sweet

Jun 3 2019

Saint Lane is a New Zealand born but now based in the Gold Coast of Australia rapper that’s been dropping some seriously dope tracks lately.

His latest release is “Sugary Sweet” is about being cheated on and not feeling sorry for yourself.

“Sugary Sweet is about when my ex girlfriend cheated on me. At the time it was heartbreaking and I think when anybody gets cheated on the easiest thing to do is blame yourself and that’s exactly what I did. There’s so many “I don’t need no man” r&b tunes I realised there’s no equivalent for the fellas. This is taking the idea of “am I not good enough” and flipping it to “no I’m fine as hell. I’m sugary sweet and don’t need anybody”. It’s a song for people who have been taken advantage of and now they are saying no no no.”