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The Millennial Club – ‘She’s So Insane’ EP

Jun 5 2019

Indie-pop group The Millennial Club presents their debut She’s So Insane EP, a collection of six stunning tracks that includes two brand new offereings in “MI” and the title track, “She’s So Insane”. There’s a relaxed West coast vibe to this music that is heightened emotional love-centered lyricism. “The ‘She’s So Insane’ EP is an extremely honest collection of songs, and our journey as musicians has been captured in these tracks. It’s a really big deal for us because it’s the first complete set of work we’ve put out; because of that, it really feels like now, more than ever, people have a holistic view of us. I guess in a way, that means they really can (truly) see if they like our music, or if they simply like just one of our songs.” – The Millennial Club