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[Premiere] Odd Okoddo – Auma

Oct 17 2019

Odd Okoddo is a Kenyan/German duo consisting of Olith Ratego and Sven Kacirek who met almost a decade ago in Kenya when Sven Kacirek was recording his “Kenya Sessions” album (an effort that put Kacirek on the map of outernational producers). Olith Ratego made an appearance on the track “Too Good To Be True” and the pair connected.

Fast forward to 2018 and the start of their project Odd Okoddo, we now get to enjoy the fruits of their labor in the form of their new album “Auma” which will be released tomorrow October 18th via German label Pingipung. From the album, we get the stunning and hypnotic track “Adhiambo” which we here at Discobelle are super glad that we’re able to premiere!

On the album, Ratego writes the lyrics (touching upon universal subjects such as love, family and politics) and vocal melodies while multi-instrumentalist Kacirek composes, records and produces the arrangements working with a bass marimba and a veritable arsenal of Kenyan percussion instruments, household items, and found objects. Between the two, they create a rich, colourful, and dynamic sound which is defined by both Ratego’s huge vocal compass and range of timbres (singing in a musical style called “dodo” which originates from the shores of Lake Victoria, high in pitch and soulful expressions) as well as Kacirek’s skills as a sensitive percussionist.

“Adhiambo was the first song I worked on. My initial idea was to produce the ODD OKODDO record by using rhythms and beats only. No melodies, no harmonies. But after working on Adhiambo I was not convinced about this idea anymore. The second track I worked on was “Aora”. The last track I worked on was “Ngoma”. Obviously the more time I spent on this record the more melodic structures I used. Anyway, the initial plan was to create a record based on vocals and beats only. Adhiambo pays tribute to this early approach.” – Sven Kacirek