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Atusji – i dont think i like you

Nov 2 2019

Atusji is the solo-project of Danish artist Terkel Atsushi Røjle, he takes his cues from emo, hip hop, r’n’b and music from the alternative hit lists of the early ’00s. His new single “I Don’t Think I Like You” is a mellow, head-bopping affair.

“I Don’t Think I Like You” is about cognitive dissonance; about how deeply you can fool yourself into believing that the people that love you think ill of you – the feedback loop of not seeing genuine value in yourself and seeing this reflected in the minutiae of other people’s words and body language. It’s about serious self-doubt and a lack of faith in yourself, and in this sense it’s in keeping with Atusji’s therapeutic music; an exploration that is part diary, part group therapy.”