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Eric Sharp – Monday Blues (ft. Zhao) (The Remixes)

Nov 28 2019

Following the release of the long-awaited single ‘Monday Blues’ by Eric Sharp and Zhao on Swedish imprint House Music With Love, the next natural step was to invite a couple of amazing artists and producers to put their own spin on the already beautiful track.

The french duo Pandhora, London based producer Urmet K and Swiss producer SOAME were obvious choices and oh did they deliver. While still preserving the heart and soul of the original track, all three versions in this remix package come with its own unique touch and are an absolute treat to experience. Urmet K went for a heavier and bouncier route by switching up and adding to the bassline as well as pushing for harder-hitting hi-hats and percussions that blend together perfectly with the added colorful notes. The french producer pair Pandhora set out to create a vast soundscape and absolutely nailed it. The synthesizers were put to action by letting the notes ring out and wobble throughout the track making it very spacious, and the added bonus of live elements makes the track very organic and beautiful.

Swiss producer SOAME chose another path and went for a different and much darker vibe. Deciding to work with the original bassline but then implementing colder and grittier notes that are given space to echo throughout the production makes for a very intimate but spooky atmosphere. A beautiful creation by a very talented producer.

Spotify tracklist:

1) Monday Blues feat. Zhao (Pandhora Club mix)
2) Monday Blues feat. Zhao (Urmet K Remix)
3) Monday Blues feat. Zhao (Soame Remix)
4) Monday Blues feat. Zhao (Pandhora Radio Mix)