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[Premiere] SIRMA x Mallow – On / 24 Hours

Dec 6 2019

Istanbul/New York-based singer-songwriter/producer SIRMA released her glitched out and vocals driven new double single “On/”24 Hours” today and the single is a collaboration with producer Mallow (aka Ian Barnett) who turned heads for his work with NY rapper Marlon Craft.

“I used a bunch of sounds that I recorded on my Zoom field recorder- just random things around the apartment to create the beats. Between those sounds and samples from an old unreleased track of mine, it all came together really fast and organically. I showed both demos to SIRMA a year later and she liked them, so I sent her the stems I had bounced at the time, which she then re-arranged, wrote and recorded vocals on top of as well as finishing the production with a few additions and touches of her own. She also mixed and mastered both tracks, so the collaboration went pretty smoothly for me, because my input came at the very beginning and she did her thing after that.”