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Exitpost – Two Dreamers

Dec 16 2019

Currently residing in New York City, producer and DJ Exitpost stands out amongst the mainstream with his debut album Two Dreamers. A palatial 9-part series of Japanese-influenced indie electronic music, this LP surveys the trials and tribulations of identity. Despite his current residency in New York, Exitpost was born in Tokyo. Due to his unique upbringing, Exitpost has struggled with recurring nightmares of being trapped in NYC, unable to return to Tokyo and vice versa. Two Dreamers invites listeners to explore his visions through an opulent listening experience. Each track stands alone as its own piece of art, fusing together to create an entire outline of illuminated consciousness. This silvered structure of work and intellect includes the “Two Dreamers” single featuring Japanese vocalist Unmo and future bass relics like “New Moon Phase” and “Anata.” The project dissolves into a mellifluous piano on “Dreams of Home,” reminding fans that the album goes above and beyond its endearing synth work and dives into the psyche of internal strife- listen today.