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Sexy Lazer – DJ Mix

Feb 20 2020

In anticipation of the upcoming hfn music release Sisters & Brothers EP “Third Gathering” curated by Danish/Icelandic tag team Kasper Bjørke and Sexy Lazer who presents tracks of their own aswell as tracks from their friends (hence the name Sisters & Brothers), we here at Discobelle are able to exclusively give you this smashing dj mix from Sexy Lazer that brims with spaced-out and funked up tracks of acid house, house, cosmic disco, techno and electronica.

Tracklist for the mix after the jump:

I Belong – Andi
Mambo – Die Jungle
Warriors – Dog.ma
Marijuana Feat. Thomass Jackson – Iñigo Vontier
Bottom – Modular Project
Jasmin – Whitesquare
Austrian Hairlines – Sexy Lazer, Kaktus Einarsson
Ron (Longhair remix) – PBR Streetgang
Dancing in the Trunk (Ed Ed Remix) – Acid Pauli
Our Father – Ronny
Ocean Shy – Dasha Rush