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capshun – Okami EP

Apr 1 2020

Dallas-based producer capshun is making a statement with the release of his debut EP OKAMI. Inspired by his affinity for Southeast Asian culture, the EP encapsulates a myriad of emotions and sounds, solidifying capshun’s bright future as an artist. From the picturesque “Rage” to the effortlessly beautiful vibes in “Destiny,” capshun’s OKAMI EP has something for everyone. 

“Okami is an alternate name for Ametersu, who, in Japanese Shinto religion is seen as the goddess of the sun and the universe. There is a japanese Folk tale where Okami walks the earth as a wolf deity and brings miracles and basically saves Japan from destruction. I wanted to create a world that brings the elements of the goddess to life through sound.” – capshun

capshun is one of the hottest new talents on the scene. His genre-defying sound has already gained support from big name artists like What So Not, Boombox Cartel, The Chainsmokers, Alexander Lewis, San Holo, UZ, and notice from platforms like Majestic Casual, Insomniac, Deadbeats and Heroic. capshun is also one of the creators and curators of Bonsai, an artist collective which is quickly becoming one of the premiere groups for experimental electronic music.