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St. Panther – Infrastructure

Apr 13 2020

California based artist/producer/singer/multi-instrumentalist/rapper St. Panther pieces together a raw and hypnotic soundscape of soul swagger, jazz eloquence, and hip-hop heat.

Her debut single “Infrastructure” premiered yesterday via acclaimed HBO TV-show Insecure and it’s the first taste of her upcoming debut EP which is slated for a release late this summer via Nice Life Recording Company/How So Records.

“Infrastructure” was the first song I wrote after getting home from my first US tour. I spent those following days at home gathering all of the surreal experiences that lead up to the tour, as well as post, and began writing/producing this new batch of songs inspired by those experiences. (Being picked up by a management, all of those first meetings with different labels in different buildings) in a way the assembly of the song was much like the assembly of my career in music, and the song served to reflect the infrastructure of that journey.”