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About Discobelle.net

Discobelle.net is a Swedish blog about music. Because we love it, not because we want to cheat anyone out of any money. We don’t post albums, just single tracks, remixes and videos. A few times a month we have exclusive mixes from DJs all around the world as well. We strongly suggest that anyone that appreciates the music that we post, also finds a good way to support the artists behind it.

All the tracks we post are either sent to us from artists, djs, labels, pr-people or we’ve found them on a blog somewhere. If credit is due, we (try to) give it. But yes, we will re-post tracks that have appeared somewhere else before. That’s how the internet works – deal with it.

And just to clarify: we don’t hate record labels – we love them! So tell you what, if you – the labels – give us good and exclusive stuff, we’ll give you free promotion. If you want something removed we’ll do it straight away too. That seems fair and square to us. Stuff that we write about tends to end up in the mainstream media sooner or later anyway, like here for example.

We also host a mailing list for mp3/music bloggers called Grindin. Read more about it here.

If you want to get in contact with us – drop us an email here. Since we get a ton of e-mails every day, it might take a while for us to get back to you.

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