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2010 and Discobelle is back in full effect! As you might have noticed, we’ve given the site a complete and well-needed make over. We went to our favourite Swedish-Japanese designer PMKFA to get a new look, and to Anton to put all the pieces together. Thanks for your help guys.

But we couldn’t just leave it at colours and shapes, it was time to change things up a bit too. We are going to branch out and are start up our own digital label. Discobelle Records will try to give you the best things you didn’t know you loved. We got three releases lined up so far and the first one will drop in two weeks or so. So keep your eyes and ears open, we are soon going to unleashing the sound of the new decade.

As we’re launching today, everything might not quite work as it should be. Please drop us a comment with thoughts and ideas, and we’ll take it in for the next update round which should be within a week or so.

Stay tuned!

In Sweden we celebrate a holiday called Midsummer. It’s entails drinking schnapps, eating pickled herring, and dancing around a pole full for flowers and leaves. I know, it’s weird. But that’s what we do.

Anyway, for this years festivities I was in the Gothenburg archipelago and went to see the band playing. I was expecting bad Metallica covers but to my surprise they were actually really good. They’re called Endiamonds and have that Swedish West coast sound – a little TTA, a little Air France. Unfortunately their recordings don’t quite match their live performance, but we think this could be a gem worth keeping an eye on.

Endiamonds – Absence (direct link)