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Toronto’s French Braids is a melodic force to be reckoned with. He’s also gone and brought Frankmusik back into the spotlight courtesy of ‘Wildfire,’ a beautiful set-piece of docile vocal club work from this next generation dream team. This chilled little number is sure to hold its corner into 2018, setting a welcome bar for the soulful swagger of French Braids.

Another week, another top-shelf remix from The White Panda. This time the group has targeted Swedish electronic pop trio Ember Island for a firm bout of heavy footed club play. It’s a little glitchy and the beats go hard post singalong chorus moment, making this a beautiful blast of nostalgia from a very powerful force in electronic music right now.

This week we welcome Dutchman Feiertag to the Discobelle mix series. With releases scaling Sasha’s Last Night On Earth imprint and recurring label home Boogie Angst, the Utrecht based drummer/artist continues to channel percussively charged electronic music of the highest caliber. His debut mix for Discobelle oozes elegant grooves, experimental stamina and a glimpse of his own proficient production to date.

Bog Gigantic’s Brighter Future was a big old body of work, and its remixes have been treated with no less impact. Among the vast run of remodes, Oakland’s Krane goes in heavy here, but there’s a pretty solid balance of textured production prowess and uplifting composure that makes his an undisputed standout moment of the remix package.

When Brasstracks strike up a beat you tend to get a reliable fix of soul, swagger and brassmanship (now a real word). Following a solid streak of original works, “Those Who Know” is an integral vocal offering from their coveted studios. This one is a welcome wake-up call to the plug-in generation from an act owning the urban/electronic crossover landscape with killer A-side capacity.

From Lost Kings to Bebe Rexha, The White Panda’s remixing streak of late has been a heavy duty affair. Stepping up to give Lorde’s ‘Perfect Places’ a refix, the A-list NZ pop icon doesn’t fall flat in the duo’s capable hands. Pairing melodic finesse with dutiful electro-tinted energy, ‘Perfect Places’ is another fine addition to the acts powerful discography of remixes.

There was no escaping Izzy Buzu’s ‘White Tiger’ come its 2016 release, let alone the plethora of remixes that followed. Female duo Cat Carpenters cuts through the noise with a fine club fix of the track, pairing a subtle house backbone with an otherwise fluid fix of vivid instrumental licks and day-to-day playability. There’s a lot to be said for multi-purpose remixes right now, an art that Cat Carpenters owns for this A-grade remix.

Soulful indie dance advocate Moods is priming his debut album for 2018, but hasn’t been shy of remixes for the Summer. Taking on WDL’s melancholic pop landmark ‘Cashmere,’ the Dutchman oozes docile beats and easy flowing melodic movements, piecing a fine balance of chill and soul ahead of his impending LP’s first single.

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