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From Lost Kings to Bebe Rexha, The White Panda’s remixing streak of late has been a heavy duty affair. Stepping up to give Lorde’s ‘Perfect Places’ a refix, the A-list NZ pop icon doesn’t fall flat in the duo’s capable hands. Pairing melodic finesse with dutiful electro-tinted energy, ‘Perfect Places’ is another fine addition to the acts powerful discography of remixes.

There was no escaping Izzy Buzu’s ‘White Tiger’ come its 2016 release, let alone the plethora of remixes that followed. Female duo Cat Carpenters cuts through the noise with a fine club fix of the track, pairing a subtle house backbone with an otherwise fluid fix of vivid instrumental licks and day-to-day playability. There’s a lot to be said for multi-purpose remixes right now, an art that Cat Carpenters owns for this A-grade remix.

Soulful indie dance advocate Moods is priming his debut album for 2018, but hasn’t been shy of remixes for the Summer. Taking on WDL’s melancholic pop landmark ‘Cashmere,’ the Dutchman oozes docile beats and easy flowing melodic movements, piecing a fine balance of chill and soul ahead of his impending LP’s first single.

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LIOHN’s inaugural releases have seen the young Swedish newcomer test and trial a whole heap of different sounds. Back on his more comfortable urban beat after the release of his debut EP, ‘Bone App The Beat’ shows a more playful side to his output whilst also showcasing how good the 20-year-old producer is at crafting limb-shaking beats.

Our favorite Brooklyn brass advocates Brasstracks have been pressing hard with their recent sprint of high octane hip-hop covers, giving both ‘All Of The Lights’ and ‘XO Tour Life’ successful brush overs throughout the Summer. Back on the original material run to follow-up on ‘Fever,’ the duo’s latest alongside VanJess pledges a more measured urban pop persuasion to their sharp and instrumentally refined club work. In the spirit of keeping things interesting and shying from the genre’s hallmark sounds, Brastracks remain one of electronic dance music’s more imaginative bunches.

Ember Island’s melancholic covers are becoming an essential hallmark of Sweden’s more pensive pop prospects. Picking up where their renowned versions of ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ and ‘Creep’ left off, their nod to Rihanna’s sacred moment of lovestruck pop work plays into all the cinematic and emotive movements we’ve come to expect from the trio to date. Ten years to the date since the original dropped, Ember Island’s is an essential update for 2017.

Elusive West Coast rapper DUCKWRTH takes no prisoners where his blissfully easy bars and ear for standout beat work is concerned. Back on the grind with Alexander Spit this month, ‘Boy’ channels his elegant flow whilst also pushing a nostalgic and soulfully cleansed take on his signature sound. If emotively savvy hip hop is to have a significant comeback away from the genre’s less concious players, DUCKWRTH sounds sure to lead the charge come 2018.

Moving Castle is fast shaping up to be one of the freshest artist collectives to emerge from North America’s electronic dance boom. Calling on Matthew John Kurz, ‘I Want You’ gleams with polished future bass production finesse and finely tuned pop hooks, keeping with both artists’ theme of making crossover records feel both seamless and a little on the timeless side. Robotaki and Manila Killa have both equally held their corners on solo ground, but together the duo shines with unprecedented promise for this market vocal offering.