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With a name inspired by the phonetic spelling of Saoirse, meaning ‘freedom’, Atlanta has a rising star in singer, songwriter, and producer Seersha. Today, we have the premiere of the visual for her new single “Lecture Me”, out now. Speaking to the motivation behind Lecture Me, Seersha shares:The catalyst for this song came out of a painful situation where I felt pressured to change by someone who was close to me at the time. I’ve always been a bit of a rebel and at its core, that’s what this song is about. I am not the kind of person who responds well to being lectured… then again, who really is?

With his new EP set to drop this summer, Sparkee is proud to unveil the project’s lead single in “The Kids” featuring LIINKS. Channeling disco and chill vibes, Sparkee’s newest track is out now via Westwood Recordings. The song is inspired by the spirit of living in the moment and putting your worries to the side, aka finding your inner kid.

Dead Space combines forces with Lex & Wood and Pony for his new single “Hussy”, out now via Gene Farris’ Farris Wheel Recordings. Producing a driving blend of tech house and techno with a touch of funky fun and sacred beats, Dead Space has firmly established himself as one of the most talented rising stars in house music today. “Hussy” is the newest addition to his arsenal of masterfully crafted tunes, a collaborative house heater ready to keep your feet moving and your body grooving until after the after hours.

Sensu – Issues

Jun 10 2019

Out now on Quartz Records, Sensu‘s new single “Issues” ft. lyricist and rapper Ryck Jane is out now. This is the third single from her forthcoming debut album, Embrace, which is set to drop in September. Inspired by Asian music and instruments, “Issues” is “related to those individuals who deal with depression and how they cope with it,” says Sensu. Sensu’s unmistakable trademark sound may well be the product of her uncommon production method. After building a melodic progression from a simple chord and fleshing out the high end of each arrangement, she then incorporates vocal samples and bass lines. Only when the rest of these pieces are in place, does she underscore them with a drum pattern. Instead of programming each one, she plays it on a drum pad to make sure the heartbeat of the track exudes as much of a human element as possible. Check it out below:

Indie-pop group The Millennial Club presents their debut She’s So Insane EP, a collection of six stunning tracks that includes two brand new offereings in “MI” and the title track, “She’s So Insane”. There’s a relaxed West coast vibe to this music that is heightened emotional love-centered lyricism. “The ‘She’s So Insane’ EP is an extremely honest collection of songs, and our journey as musicians has been captured in these tracks. It’s a really big deal for us because it’s the first complete set of work we’ve put out; because of that, it really feels like now, more than ever, people have a holistic view of us. I guess in a way, that means they really can (truly) see if they like our music, or if they simply like just one of our songs.” – The Millennial Club

Madnap and yetep have shown time and time again that they know just how to get fans in their feelings. Joining forces for the first time on a collab that Madnap says “came about very naturally,” “It’s Just You” is the breakup song fans needed to kick off the summer. The producer pairing have enlisted Miranda Glory for her stellar vocals and by all accounts, this fearsome threesome have got a potential hit on their hands. “It’s Just You” is out now via Thrive Music.

Multiplatinum producer and Grammy-winning artist Steve James is back with the final single prior to his debut solo EP unveiling. “Missing You” is out now, a sunny lovesong featuring none other than K-pop star Eric Nam. James is an artist that is no stranger to the spotlight but the years of early success haven’t dampened his desire to improve his artistic capabilities. Always looking to stretch his horizons, James and his new single “Missing You” couldn’t have a more perfect parter in the dynamic Nam. Check it out below:

Stellar work from Taim in his new Dreaming Still EP, out now via CONFESSION. A bold three-track EP that shows immense growth for Taim, he elaborates that this EP was “a breath of fresh air” and it gave him a chance to “show the world the different styles and variety in (his) music.”

1. Taim – Dreaming Still (feat. LØ)
2. Taim & CLB – Selector
3. Taim – Landslide (feat. Trey Qua)