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Having already caught the attention of genre leaders like San Holo with his future-bass sound, the Mumbai, India-based producer 32Stitches is back with track that combines intensely personal vocals with a noticeably happy future bass energy to match. “Do To You,” his final track of the year, is out now and tells a story of the pains and pleasures of love, and will be instantly relatable to any listener.

Incredible work by the Parisian pairing of Eylia and Majeur Mineur on their newest EP, The Missing Scent. Displaying stunning levels of emotional depth and a highly-synchronized artistic chemistry, The Missing Scent’s 7-tracks each offer a unique takes on genres ranging from R&B to indie-pop. The duo had this to say about their recent release:

‘This is a genre-breaking project representing more than a year of hard work and dedication driven by our thirst of musical experimentation and our motivation to move people’ – Eylia and Majeur Mineur.

Stoked to premiere E.R.N.E.S.T.O‘s Addicted EP today, which is now out on the Atlanta-based Psycho Disco! imprint. The three track offering is compiled of the original single and two jaw-dropping remixes by renowned producer Treasure Fingers and the NY-based artist known as Proper Villains. Between the three of their respective resumes, you’ll find that they’ve quite literally done it all. Official releases on acclaimed labels like Dirtybird and Audiophile for E.R.N.E.S.T.Oradio play on Power 106 and Hot 97 + remixes for superstars like Enrique Iglesias and Childish Gambino for Proper Villains, and not to mention, the millions of plays and official remixes for artists like Moby, Avicii, and more for Treasure Fingers. If quality, creativity, and some good old-fashioned house music are part of your checklist for a weekend soundtrack, look no further and dive right into E.R.N.E.S.T.O‘s Addicted EP.

Combining industrial techno with deep house and thunderous bass, Canadian producer Kermode returns with “Sideways” ft. Eagle Child– the sophomore single to his forthcoming Retro Ghost EPPioneering a new sound of dance music, Kermode’s delivery is inky, cryptic, and sharp. “Sideways” is a gutsy joint, equal parts aggressive and approachable. Boasting layers of influence, the single yields an unfettered inspiration of its own. With this quintessential party anthem, Kermode is laying an extraordinary foundation for the full unveiling of the EP. Retro Ghost is set to be delivered Friday, November 30.

“I don’t hold anything back, forward thinking sound design, meticulous glitches, catchy hooks, and infectious rhythms.” – Kermode

When it comes to his genre diversity, Klahr says there is not a specific motive behind why he chooses to produces in one genre over another at any given time. His new single “Falling in Love” came simply from the headspace he was in at the time, and the rest of the track just fell into place from there. “Falling in Love” provides a nice glimpse into Klahr’s emotions, and proves how powerful one’s surroundings can be in the making of their art.

I came across the vocal sample in the Salsoul catalogue, the message was simple and resonated with me. This song is really personal to me and I hope people get something from it. – Klahr

Young self taught producer, Kultur keeps on climbing the ladder and asserting himself as a household name. He describes his  new single “Everchange” as “a blend of all of the past and future”. On “Everchange,” Dabo picks up right where he left off a year ago on “Love You Better.” “Everchange” kicks off with a dark and ominous introduction backed by a vibrant vocal cut repeating, “don’t ever change.” “Everchange” is the lead single from Kultur’s upcoming EP dropping November 16th

German born, London-based producer Chris Avantgarde is back with “True Love,” a new single on VNTGRD – Chris’ self-made creative collective, record label, and publishing house focusing on conceptual electronic music releases.

“True love marks the first step into my new direction. It combines elements of previous influences with the new. It’s a record that can be listened to outside of a club-scenario. A hybrid of electronic melodic and cinematic gritty elements, telling a story about how music is the one true love for me, free to express myself in a way, and with a purpose that I hadn’t found before. It gives a taste of what’s to come but leaves room  for interpretation and hopefully imagination in the listener’s mind. Expression through music is true love for me, but it’s different for everyone else. This record is supposed to be interpreted very personally from listener to listener, representing what’s their true love to them and hopefully stay with people and stand the test of time beyond hypes.” – Chris Avantgarde

Charlie Crown is no newcomer to the scene but “Loner” is a debut single of his. To clarify, Crown is the artist formerly known as Flapo, a producer who experienced considerable success releasing music on imprints like Dim Mak and PRMD. With his new moniker, Charlie Crown is looking to express his creativity in ways he never has before.

“Loner is a track about feeling disconnected from other people and ultimately the world following the demise of a relationship. It looks to examine the moments at which paths diverge and how we reconcile the emotional weight of such a shift and attempt to create new energy in moving forward.” – Charlie Crown