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Writer: David Kim

Swiss songwriter/vocalist/producer HUGOwho is back following the success of his 2014 debut, the “I Am Not Hugo” EP with a fresh comeback single in “Holding On.” The first track to be lifted off his upcoming ‘Another’ EP, “Holding On” features a powerful combination of original synths and pop catchiness accentuated by HUGOwho’s stellar vocals. Speaking about the track and the upcoming EP, HUGOwho explains: “My music should be an honest experience in sound and emotion, simple, without hiding behind anything. I really just got crazy with my vision and my emotions. My life changed a lot since I moved to London because all of the sudden I was alone, disconnected, but it made me feel and think a lot about myself and my music. It’s not about playing some crazy chords and be like super fancy about it. I want my music to be simple and powerful. in order that as many people can relate to the feeling. ‘Holding On’ is a track about loving someone too hard while realizing to let go of everything in order to grow individually and together.”

LOVING this new one from ​holywater and Cruel Youth, the musical duo of Teddy Sinclair and husband & artist/producer Willy Moon. The irresistible new single features whimsical lyrics from Sinclair, who previously worked on Madonna’s album Rebel Heart and co-wrote Rihanna’s “Kiss It Better. Spotify here.

Alexander Lewis & Brasstracks teamed up for a dope rendition of Kanye West’s 2010 hit “All of the Lights” and it’s got the makings of a fan-favorite. “I felt like ‘All of the Lights’ was perfect for a brass cover,” Lewis said in reference to his newest collaboration. “One day, I had a couple hours to spare so I recorded that main motif idea and did some production/structure to begin the tune, sent it to Ivan [of Brasstracks] and asked him if he was down. He literally sent me the trumpets the next day.” Dig in and enjoy!

Hesitated from categorizing this EP as EDM but I don’t think that takes away from how fun it is. As much as there needs to be a healthy dose of weird, avant-garde music to feed the masses, duos like CHIMES are making good ol’ dance music with great success. Their five-track Ninety Four EP is sure to be a welcome addition to your easy listening or pre-game. Check it out below or on Spotify here.

An impressive two-track EP emerges from rising act Eyes Everywhere and we’re happy to have the premiere. Consisting of two tracks titled “Talk,” and “Cold Bug Out,” this release follows a massive 2016 that saw the duo release on esteemed labels like Desert Hearts, Sweat It Out, and Box of Cats. This year, they’ve already teamed up with Golf Clap on a collaboration (“Bout That”) out now via Toolroom, that debuted as Pete Tong’s Essential New Tune on Radio 1.Having already played globally recognized events like Holy Ship, Camp Bisco and HARD Summer, the boys are focusing on making music that features more organic sounds of techno and house – this EP is a great start! Grab your copy here.

Siobhan Sainte might not be a household name just yet but this is a name you should familiarize yourself with. With a vocal tone and texture that producers will likely salivate over, Sainte flexes her chords with a new single in “Burn It Down.” The smooth, sultry nature of the release speaks volumes of her dexterity and complexity as a writer/artist and I can’t wait to hear more.

Pretty awesome work from Tibetan brother duo, Indiginis, as they put their spin on The M Machine‘s “We Had It All.” They’ve already remixed the likes of Miike Snow, Lemaitre, and more, showing that their style and capabilities aren’t limited in the least bit. Here’s what they had to say about it: “It was after The M Machine performed in our hometown that we got to hang with Eric and Swardy. We immediately connected, became good friends and kept in contact. Getting the opportunity to remix their music off their debut album was a tremendous honor for us. Personally, it felt full circle going from hanging their signed poster in our studio to sharing music with the guys. This is one of our most energetic remixes where we took their eclectic original track and incorporated a lot of our R&B and Hip-hop influences to give it a fresh spin.”

Indie-pop has a new emerging supergroup and they’re turning heads with their new release in “Gunshot.” In a day and age where artists are embracing their career prospects as indie artists more than ever, Toronto-based artists BLAJK are staking their claim as bonafide artists to watch. Frontman Jordan Radics’ vocal prowess is quite impressive, so much so that the quartet’s music has been featured on the coveted Spotify New Music Friday playlist and reached the upper echelons of the Hype Machine charts. Watch this space!