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Today we have the premiere for a beautifully crafted, nature-inspired visual for LIINKS new single “Ghost.” Set to drop on September 7th via Westwood Recordings as part of their forthcoming debut album Ridge Road, the Vancouver pairing’s newest single and video combination follows their latest releases “Ceiling Fan” and  “500 Roses.” The “Ghost” video highlights LIINKS versatile musical talent and eye for creativity. The Canadian artists named their album after a street in Victoria, BC where the duo had first met, before becoming a couple and stands as the group’s most personal project to date. Check out the video below and stream the single here.

LA-based emerging singer-songwriter, producer, performer and women’s advocate EMM is here with her new single “Dirty” and we are happy to have the premiere. EMM’s music is unique, in that she has a hand in every instrument in the track, every word, and every melody you hear throughout. According to EMM, a mere 5 percent of music producers in the industry today are female and EMM is looking to challenge the status quo. 

“Dirty is my anthem for every girl that’s been weighed down and wounded by the shame that’s constantly inflicted on women. Every day, we are told that we are both  “not enough” and “too much.” Growing up I really struggled to love myself and was constantly shamed for my body and my sexuality before I was even old enough to understand what was going on.”– EMM


Jun 15 2018

Stellar experimental pop single from RAINDEAR here. Described as being “filled with the realisation of an unsustainable situation,” the Swedish starlet’s new single is aptly-titled as “Coins,” beginning with a dark, digital drum beat, like coins falling one by one to the wayside.

“The title word “coins” metaphorically stands for the last efforts you give to someone before you (not a day too soon) give them up completely. Just like when you pay your last coins to something, you don’t really care where they go anymore cause you’re so exhausted and broke and have zero fucks left to give.”  – RAINDEAR

Comprised of producers Jason Matthews and Aaron Glueckauf, Miami experimental duo TWYN is back with their new single “You Say,” and we’ve got the premiere for you here. Their newest release is a follow up to their debut sing “Cast Me Out,” representing a new chapter for both musicians as they’ve conjoined their respective talents to form an indie-electronica project with influences ranging from hip-hop, break beats, and electronic dance music. Joined by vocalist Austin Paul, an artist whom Pharrell has referred to as “the future,” the track delves into the realm of moody industrial rock and balances punchy percussive elements, warbling analog synthesizers, and Paul’s hypnotic vocal prowess to create an all encompassing soundscape.

Stay tuned as more details on TWYN’s upcoming live dates and get a taste for their upcoming EP below.

Australian trio The Goods are back with a new single called “Faster” and we’re stoked to have the premiere. “Faster” is the first look at their forthcoming Make Your Move EP, a sound described as hip-hop, space funk, and soul. The Goods, building off a massive couple of years that saw them feature in top-tier mediums like Complex, MTV, and Vice, are set to drop their full EP via Brooklyn-based imprint Bastard Jazz this Friday, April 13th. A dynamic full LP is rumored to be on the way, with the trifecta of artists tapping into their roots as improving musicians and live performers.
Grab the pre-sale of the EP here.

Big fan of San Holo and everything that bitbird has accomplished as a team in such a short period of time. As such, it comes as no surprise that his newest release “Right Here, Right Now” has both the technical mastery and personal touch that has signified many of his incredible stable of releases in the past. The song is a first time San Holo feature for Taska Black and continues to give a deeper glimpse into the personal development that San showcases in each new song. His mindset towards production can clearly be understood via this quote below: “For me, music has always been my number one, it’s what keeps me going. Yet sometimes that results in having to disappoint people, having no time and headspace for anything else. Yet, I don’t think that’s gonna change anytime soon. Maybe someday I’ll learn to be in the here and now properly. We’ll see :)”

Catch San on his Spring festival tour highlighted by appearances at Coachella, EDC Las Vegas, Hangout Music Festival, Electric Forest and more.

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It’s premiere time and we are stoked to see San Diego’s Sly Turner and Brazilian producer Nick Siarom join forces for their two-track When I Dance / Right Now EP. Turner is no stranger to the scene, with previous releases on labels like Audiophile XXL, Box of Cats, and support on releases by artists like Shiba San, Vanilla Ace, and Cut Snake. His return to the Psycho Disco imprint is undoubtedly a welcome one, as he and Nick Siarom combine for a duo of songs with strong bassline’s and bouncy, vibrant sound design. Punchy drums and a healthy dose of driving low end elements are prevalent throughout both A and B-sides of the EP, perfect to start your weekend off with.

Right Now:

When I Dance:

Building on the success of his last album, Kai Straw is back with his new LP, Gun. After being recapped in Spotify’s Best Fresh Finds and receiving support from the likes of Demi Lovato and K.Flay, Straw looks ready to take on the world, approaching this LP without any fear or hesitation. The 10-track Gun EP is a full body of work that will surprise, delight, and at times, confuse you. Art can be interpreted in many ways and it is without doubt that this man is looking to test and further the boundaries of indie pop music.

“I wanted to make something that embodies aspiration; the ambition, the vulnerability, the arrogance, the isolation, the hope – the want for a partner that sees the road you see.  Ambition can be such a desperate thing; I see a gun in my mind when I think of the word. I wanted to make an album about that. The rattling in your soul when you’re grinding toward what you want from life.  Something that felt like – flicking the cylinder into place, pulling back the hammer and saying, “give me all you got.”

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