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Drum and Bass aficionado Halogenix has prepared his first EP under the moniker of his pseudo side project Lordel, aptly named Lordel. Liberated from any kind of artistic limitations or expectations as he introduces listeners to fresh work, Halogenix is eager to make a statement with this EP and show fans that he has plenty of stories to tell through many genres. Lordel is out now via Zeds Dead’s Deadbeats imprint.

Returning from a brief creative hiatus, French producer Kidswaste is back with a fresh, innovative new single that showcases his full artistic skill set. Written, produced, and sung by Kidswaste himself, “Need You” is out now via Counter Records.

Grammy-nominated producer Audien showcases both his roots and eye for the future in his dynamic debut album ESCAPISM. The final product of a three year creative process, ESCAPISM’s release marks the defining moment of Audien’s career. “I’m not reinventing the wheel, but I’m accentuating the art I’ve created for almost a decade. It’s the best form of what I’m known for,” he shares. The eleven track full-length album is designed to showcase Audien’s dynamic ability to make music freely and without boundaries. From drum & bass in his latest release “REACH” feat. Jamie Hartman, to the classic progressive house he is most known for via “Escape (with Nomra)”, the styles and techniques on display throughout ESCAPISM are fluid, yet defining for who Audien is and always has been. Stream it below: 

After releasing lead singles “Time Worth” with Heimanu and Lenday and “Here’s To Hoping” with Luma, AXEN is launching the full Droid Bass 2 EP behind a scorching lead single in his collaboration with HYLO titled “Room” feat. Karra. This release serves as a follow-up to his 2018 EP, Droid Bass and lead single “Inspired by Love, Death, and Robots, Gundam, Blue Gender, and Evangelion, AXEN’s latest is just the beginning of the universe he’s ready to create. Droid Bass 2 is out now via Circus Records.

Grammy-nominated producer Audien is back with “REACH” feat. Jamie Hartman, off his forthcoming debut album ESCAPISM. Out now, “REACH” precedes the release of ESCAPISM on Nov 8th, which will set the stage for his debut national headlining tour kicking off Nov 15th.

Lyrically and emotionally, it’s a clear representation of what he’s going through in life, a heartfelt anthem about inner fortitude and letting go of fear. “It’s a tough, transitional time, and I find myself reaching for something that I know is not right, or something my heart wants, but my mind doesn’t. Time will always heal pain, I’m just now embarking on the healing process and this song has helped me rationalize it all,” he concludes. Stream “REACH” below: 

Daktyl isn’t a newcomer to the scene but his new singles portray a different side to the producer than many may come to expect from his previous works. Following a Patagonian retreat to focus on developing his skillset, the former UK-native is back with a pair of singles that also mark his foray into the indie world. Lily Kershaw lends her vocal talent for the first single in “Chaos Control” and “Ku Ring Gai” is manned by none other than the man himself (also a debut of sorts). Check them out below:

Born and raised in the ethnically diverse region of Reunion Island, NASAYA is the rising musician turning heads across the globe. Drawing influence from his upbringing, NASAYA’s musical vision is prompted by African, Indian, European, Malagsy, and Chinese cultures. Combining the sounds of his homestead, this indie-electronic aficindo creates sound pallets that colorful and culturally sound. Quickly garnering attention from music critics and fans alike, NASAYA teams up with Tim Atlas, former contestant on The Voice, to unveil their collaborative single “PLASTIC STRAW.” This funky cut is a metaphor for toxic relationships that refuse to biodegrade, just like a plastic straw. Tim’s signature vocals shimmer atop NASAYA’s groovy guitar plucks and invigorating electronic production. An exquisite showcase of artistic collaboration and interconnectivity, “PLASTIC STRAW” is a milestone release for NASAYA.

Mad Zach makes his debut on MethLab Recordings with his No Past Lives EP, a four track EP that unfurlsl an exquisite and alluring journey into the recesses of the human spirit, circling between nostalgic yearning and a steadfast, driven intensity. Featuring production techniques signature of the prolific producer, Mad Zach’s many influences shine through in No Past Lives; a mix of dub, hip-hop, techno, jungle, and various other styles.