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Pegboard Nerds, veteran producers of dance music, release “Speed of Light (Pt. 2)” feat. Taylor Bennett & Skylr before their US Fall tour. With a resume that includes over 300 million streams, two EP’s, chart-topping singles on Beatport and Billboard, Pegboard Nerds are verified stars within the space. Their collaboration with Bennet and Skylr comes as a surprise, tastefully executed.

‘Saved By The Belle’ is a platform for artists to speak up. Tour announcements, chart toppers, sold-out shows… all we read about as fans is success, winning, and the picture-perfect life that artists supposedly live. The ‘Saved By The Belle’ interview series is about authenticity and transparency – It offers artists an opportunity to share their story, speak up about causes they’re passionate about, talk about interests outside of music, etc. There are no restrictions and the only requirement is being genuine.

Another week, another episode of ‘Saved By The Belle.’ This time we’ve got Nick Wisdom on deck and we couldn’t be more excited to push his message of staying humble and committed to your work. His Intimate Strangers EP is out now and we also touch upon subjects like his Potatohead People crew, his side hustle, and learning lessons as an artist every day. Enjoy!

1. Hi Nick, Thanks for joining us for the second edition of our “Saved By The Belle” series. Before we get into anything, let’s start with something a bit simple – who are you and what should we know about you?

My name’s Nick Wisdom. I’m a producer & DJ from Vancouver, Canada. I’m in a group called Potatohead People & co-host a radio show called Polar Radio. You can listen live on Friday’s 12-2pm PST at www.nofunradio.com.

2. Your Intimate Strangers EP is smooth and subtle sexiness to it. How would you classify your sound and what’s the motive here?

Over the past few years I’ve spent a lot of time collecting records, particularly Funk & House records for playing out. At some point I realized that I wanted to make records that fit with what I was digging so that I could play them in my sets too. I would say my sound is a good mix between those two things.

3. Talk to me about the corporate divide. Some would say money and art don’t mix but you’ve obviously been supported by some pretty big brands like Mercedes and Netflix. Would you say that affects the way you think creatively when making a song?

I’ve been very lucky to have had the opportunity work with some of these big brands without compromising my artistic integrity. I think it’s important to stay true to yourself and your art. If money is your motive you might not be in the right industry. There are always exceptions though.

4. You’re in some great company with the Potatohead People crew. What sets this particular collective of artists apart from the rest?

Potatohead People is my friend Nate (AstroLogical) and I. We’ve been friends for years and have been making beats together for almost 10 years. What I think might set us apart is that our sound is inspired by a wide range of styles of music.

5. Tell us about a lesson you’ve learned recently about being a producer in the modern music landscape.

Support your local scene and the young talent within it. Don’t be afraid of it.

6. Is there a side hustle outside of music? How do you sustain your lifestyle when music isn’t selling ?

For a long time I worked as a cook but I always told myself I didn’t want to end up one of those 40 year old grumpy kitchen guys who hates his life haha. I work at a brewery right now. I guess you could call me a bottle boy. I DJ around town from time to time.

7. What do you see as your biggest obstacles to overcome as an artist today?

Finding a way to promote myself without feeling like an idiot. Also, finding ways to stay inspired while working full time and taking care of all that other life stuff.

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Given the two decades Kyodai and Tatsu have known each other, it’s surprising to see how long it has taken them to hop in the studio together. We’ve got the premiere for “Geisa,” their debut collaboration and while we might be biased, there’s no denying it’s a techno masterclass. Set for release on October 8th, “Geisa” accentuates the best aspects of each of the respective collaborators. The ebb and flow of pulsating, bass-driven energy and intoxicating groove throughout the song are sure to satiate the thirst for any musical palate. This one.. is a certified dance-floor destroyer.

Forgive me for being biased but nobody can tell me that their city is greater than mine. I have a level of respect and admiration for NYC and the people who dwell within; their hustle is stronger, their desire is greater, and for those who make it on these concrete streets, the reward is infinitely greater. When it comes to being a producer or a recording artist, it seems like everyone has this notion that they’ll figure it out if they move to LA. Well newsflash, NYC just does it better. Case in point, Nick AM, a local producer that I have the distinct privilege of calling a friend. I’ve monitored his rise to the present, marveled at his “Love Lockdown” rework and seen firsthand how passionate he is about his work. His “Love Gang” remix dropped last week and recently breached the coveted #1 spot on the Hypem charts, solidifying his status as a DIY artist to watch. Remixing anything by Whethan and Charli XCX can be a bit of a challenge for most producers but Nick has a penchant for putting his own spin on tracks while not overshadowing the glowing appeal behind the original production. Keep an eye out for this guy. You don’t want to be the person claiming you knew all about him when he inevitably starts headlining festivals near you.

We’re excited to have the premiere of Washington DC-based production duo Indiginis’ new single “Only You.” The recently signed Majestic Casual signees enlisted the intoxicating vocal stylings of songwriter Jessica Millete, combining to make a song that moves, soothes, and causes the feels. The process to completion wasn’t an easy one, with “Only You” only reaching it’s final form after two years of perfecting. Read what Indiginis had to say about their new single below:

Back when Indiginis was still a primordial idea, it was this song that helped set the tone and standard for later releases to come. The chorus was our chance to show our love for sound design. We incorporated retro synths, foley sound effects of soda cans, kung fu sound effects, cash registers, metal chains, circuit bending. It was a conscious decision to take these unconventional left turns that made the song end up sounding unique to us and would later set the stage for our style. – Indiginis

Beautifully work by Moods with this soul-tinged new single. “Truth” featuring Beau Nox hits the heart in all the right places and sets the mood for some well-deserved relaxation. The lead track from his forthcoming debut album, “Truth” is out now via Boogie Angst.

‘Saved By The Belle’ is a platform for artists to speak up. Tour announcements, chart toppers, sold-out shows… all we read about as fans is success, winning, and the picture-perfect life that artists supposedly live. The ‘Saved By The Belle’ interview series is about authenticity and transparency – It offers artists an opportunity to share their story, speak up about causes they’re passionate about, talk about interests outside of music, etc. There are no restrictions and the only requirement is being genuine. 

For the debut edition of ‘Saved By The Belle,’ we’re so excited to feature NYC-based producer and all-around nice guy, Jay xero. With a new single titled “Doyouwannabemine?” set for release on October 28th, xero joined us to speak about what being in NYC means to him, the creative process behind his new song, and how he’s trying to challenge the status quo, one song at a time.

1. Hey Jay, we’ve been friends for a while so it means a lot that you’re joining me for the debut edition of ‘Saved By the Belle.’ For those who might not know who you are, can you please introduce yourself?

Thanks for having me, I’m excited to be your first * wink *.

I’m a music producer based in NYC. I write dance music in the broadest sense — if it makes me groove, I go with it. Nothing’s more exciting than making people feel something from music.

2. You’re a staple within the NYC music scene, performing everywhere from The Meadows this past weekend to curating your own invite-only parties. What do you think it is about NYC that makes being an artist in this city so special for you?

I always say that every city has something, but NYC has everything. It’s inspiring to be surrounded by so many cultures, so many types of art, so many driven people who came here to do one thing: live out their dreams. Also, NYC doesn’t care about you, which is humbling. It’ll spit you out if you can’t handle it. Some people run away from the pressure, but I think people who love NYC see it as a challenge.

3. Your music is very eclectic, almost as if you’re purposefully testing different sounds and styles to not be pigeonholed into one particular genre. What would you say is the driving creative force behind all your music?

My gut. If I really feel something when I’m writing a song… something that really strikes me (good or bad), then I know I’m doing the right thing. That’s the driver for almost all of my creative decisions. It’s scary sometimes, to really trust your instincts, but I think when a song can make even me, the creator, get emotional, that’ll translate to another listener.

4. Some artists make music to make people dance. Others make music to make people feel – Why do you make music?

I write to make people feel. Sometimes that makes people feel like dancing, sometimes it might make them feel like crying, sometimes it might make them want to have sex. That’s the most exciting part about writing music; it’s almost like a “feelings commander”. You can’t listen to “Billie Jean” and not want to groove. You can’t listen to “Ain’t No Sunshine” and ignore Bill Withers’ sorrow. You can’t listen to The Weeknd’s “House of Balloons” and not want to have sex. It’s impossible.

5. How do you challenge/change the status quo (interpret as you would like)?

I’m not trying to change the world, but if my music, however strange or sad or energetic, can make someone experience real emotion, then I’ve succeeded. The artists who did that for me changed my life. Their music helped me through breakups, gave me energy before trying something scary, reminded me of love lost. It’s the greatest honor to think that my music might have that effect on others.

6. Tell me about your song – what’s being said here and how?

“Doyouwannabemine?” is about rekindling love; the elation of reliving old feelings of mutual understanding and lust, coupled with the crippling fright of being hurt again. It’s exciting for all the best and worst reasons. It’s like sexual and emotional purgatory.

7. It’s refreshing to see how open you are about emotions and “feeling” in general. Tell me something about how it is for you to be an artist and open yourself up to being vulnerable.

It’s cathartic to put my deepest thoughts into music. There’s a bullshit machismo expectation that’s pervasive in male culture, and I truly believe it’s to blame for a lot of the misery in the world. It’s “weak” to show you’re scared or hurt. It’s “strong” to say you’re fine and never talk about it. I refuse to subscribe to that. I think we’d all be way better off if we stopped stigmatizing emotion (and especially mental health issues in general, but that’s a whole other discussion).

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Melbourne artist elkkle returns from supporting Golden Vessel on tour with a new single titled “Frails” and we’re excited to have the premiere. The aforementioned release is the latest unveiling from the artist’s forthcoming debut EP. There’s an abundance of vocal and tonal complexity throughout the new single, with elkkle stating that “Frails’ is about the relationship between mental and physical health. Sometimes when one begins to slip, it’s very easy to let it drag the other one down. It describes feelings of fragility, hopelessness, and isolation. It’s all very grim, but I guess the last line is kind of poking fun at how temporary those feelings can be, despite how serious they seem at the time.” ‘Frails’ is available everywhere now via Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, as well as making an appearance on Kitsuné’s latest ‘Hot Stream’ collection.

Buy/Stream: https://hotstream.lnk.to/playlist