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BOT, mainly known for his role as co-founder of Maincourse, and VNNSA for her releases on Dirtybird, are proud to unveil their Creatures EP signed to Treasure Finger’s Psycho Disco! label. The two creative forces combine for a high-quality EP and we’ve got the premiere for the lead single, “Creatures.” BOT describes the song as “a stripped down dark but energetic track,” while VNSSA delivers a vocal performance worthy of her rising reputation. Check it out below:

Interesting new single from Mod Sun is out now on Bella Thorne‘s Filthy Fangs imprint. “Burning Up” blends and distorts genre boundaries, showcasing the wild creativity that encompasses Mod Sun whose entrepreneurial spirit seems to know no bounds. Catch Mod Sun on his forthcoming Burning Up tour. Full dates and tickets can be found here.

This song came out of me like vomit. I’m not at all glorifying the idea of making songs fast….the process is important. BUT, I am extremely adamant about letting the song take me places instead of forcing it to go somewhere with me. “Burning Up” is a perfect example of just that. The vocals + lyrics came out at the same time + Within 10 minutes the entirety of that song was created + ended. I love that feeling. Music is magic + u can’t tame magic.” – Mod Sun

Bonomo – Tomorrow

Sep 11 2018

‘Tomorrow’ is the song that started it all! The first song I had written after moving to NYC to pursue music. It opened the door for me as an artist and is a tribute and testament to the struggles of following ones passions.” – Adam Bonomo

Well done Mr. Bonomo. It’s easy to empathize with the motivation and emotion behind this song.

Emerging Vegas-based DJ/producer Grace Gracie is back with her new single titled “Golden Touch” and it is a worthy follow-up to her previous hit single, “Devil,” which surpassed over 300k plays on all streaming platforms. The Dance Mansion resident, a LV based artist collective, has shown consistent artistic growth across her musical endeavors and looks to solidify her claim as one of the finest rising stars in dance music. Stream her new single below: 

We’ve got a fresh new premiere for you today. New Delhi-based duo Zeus X Crona might be newcomers to the global dance music scene, but they’ve knocked this “Fallout” remix out of the park for 32Stitches. The original release was a launching point for the brand new Music High Court imprint and Zeus X Crona’s electrifying rendition is one that’ll surely shake up the masses. With electronic music exploding with popularity in India, 32Stitches will enhance their status as trailblazers in the genre from their territory with this remix and their forthcoming releases. Stream/purchase Zeus X Crona’s newest here.

“Zeus X Crona are one of the few underrated and innovative producers in India, and it’s great to see how far they’ve come. Glad to have them as a part of the remixes!” – 32Stitches

Check out the newly-released official video for the original below:

Fresh new video from Sammy Adams as he returns from a brief hiatus to release his new single “Action.” The Boston native is back with a new flow and it’s sounding like he’s on his A-game.

“Action is an adventure. It brings me back to the early stages of my life, being a troublemaker, chasing crushes, and finding my own way in the world. It’s about chasing what you want (not just the girl you want), and being fearless regardless of the outcome. Take risks, fall in love, take L’s, learn from your mistakes. If you ain’t living, you’re dying.” – Sammy Adams

Funky new ditty out from BK-based artist Unknown Caller. “Sayonara” is smooth, sensual, and chock-full of jazzy vibes and catchy synth melodies. “This song is the result of embracing change and throwing yourself into a completely new environment. It was my first time writing music on the other side of the world and I felt free from conventions that I previously held close.” – Unknown Caller

Today we have the premiere for a beautifully crafted, nature-inspired visual for LIINKS new single “Ghost.” Set to drop on September 7th via Westwood Recordings as part of their forthcoming debut album Ridge Road, the Vancouver pairing’s newest single and video combination follows their latest releases “Ceiling Fan” and  “500 Roses.” The “Ghost” video highlights LIINKS versatile musical talent and eye for creativity. The Canadian artists named their album after a street in Victoria, BC where the duo had first met, before becoming a couple and stands as the group’s most personal project to date. Check out the video below and stream the single here.