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I’m speechless. This guy Aire Atlantica just keeps getting better and better. It takes a certain subtlety and knowhow to be able to create sonic energy without excessive volume and deep undertones but time and time again, Aire shows he’s up to the task. His remix for Ashe‘s “Used To It” couldn’t be more appropriately named. I’m getting so used to hearing the quality and dynamism in his production that I’d be surprised if he put out something I actually didn’t like. For all your NYC-ers, catch him at Bang On Elements next week. Not in NYC? Well.. looks like you’re out of luck.. for now.

Pretty intense new single from JOHN.k and Ricky Remedy on my radar today. “GOLD” is chock-full of future bass vibes and showcases the wide range of talents that this collaborative duo encompasses. Here’s what they had to say below:
When I heard Ricky was nearby working on his new EP for Mad Decent, I got in my car and just showed up to the studio unannounced. When we linked up, he had mentioned one particular song called “Gold” that was his favorite tracks that he made but he couldn’t find the right vocals to pair with it.  The rest is history. – JOHN.k

I first made the track like 3 years ago when I was in an awkward space in my early career in EDM. I knew that it was huge but I just didn’t have the right writers around me at the time, to actually create the song I wanted but the time e was so huge by itself I felt like I needed to put it out. But when Johnny came up with his version I immediately took it down from my SoundCloud because I knew this was the angle the song needed to go.  – Ricky Remedy

Truitt – Tokyo

Aug 4 2017

Nashville-based duo Truitt has a chemistry that cannot be replicated – they’re siblings! The impressive pair unveil their new single “Tokyo” via their own label Orange today and it’s quite frankly adorable indie-pop at its finest. I’ve never been to Tokyo either but I’ll be sure to have this on in my headphones when I do.

Pretty interesting sound coming from Norwegian producer Marius in his new single “Existence Problem.” Clearly this emerging artist has no qualms with testing sounds and boundaries as it pertains to the industrial norm. Hit that play button and give something new a shot!

Atlanta-based producer and multi-instrumentalist acaer is back with a new single titled, “hello.” Eclectic, unorthodox, but sonically pleasing, “hello” is the second single to be unveiled from the forthcoming Filet Mignon 5 compilation via Parisian powerhouse Record Record. He had this to say about his newest single: “This track came out of the recording session of a now-scrapped project and because of that is very spontaneous and a lot of individual pieces all mashed together. The human element added by repitched and manipulated vocals is something I’ve always been a fan of and wanted to really emphasize here. It’s a collage of different emotions and musical ideas that I wouldn’t have guessed fit together yet do.” 

I heard it’s national girlfriend day and I couldn’t help but lament my love life with this incredible new single from La Felix. “I Wanna Know” is smooth, funky, sexy, and the perfect song for you to play for your special lady tonight when you decide to engage in.. well, whatever naughty things you decide to do. There’s an organic instrumental element to this single that really brings on the feels and we couldn’t be happier to have the premiere. Stream it or catch it via the DSPs below:

Spotify: https://goo.gl/AiGvCB

iTunes: https://goo.gl/iPLHSb

Taska Black is one of my favorite rising artists at the moment. His remixes of tracks such as San Holo’s ‘Light’ caught my ear with their sultry, beautiful undertones and his newest original is as stunning as the rest. “Where We Go” is Black at his finest, combining orchestral elements with his vintage synth-work for a tune filled with profound depth and emotion. He had this to say about his new release, “It’s funny because the name of this track has always been ‘Turkey’ because the drop synth reminded me of a turkey. San Holo and I always referred to it as “The Turkey Track” and never as ‘Where We Go’.”

There isn’t much to say about this track other than that it is as unique as music can be. Jinka, “Trash From The Past” will leave you thinking and wanting a second listen.Speaking about the track Jinka stated: “At the beginning of the song, Trash From The Past might make you feel like you’re attending a Formula 1 race, while there’s seagulls fighting over a piece of hot dog right next to you, but if your ears are sonically hardened and you get past this initial phase of irritation, I hope that the listener becomes intrigued by the power of its punkesque binary stop-and-go structure, the catchiness of its joyful melodies and the comforting message that the ability to forget is a strange skill facilitating the pursuit of happiness.”