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Writer: Kim

Taska Black is one of my favorite rising artists at the moment. His remixes of tracks such as San Holo’s ‘Light’ caught my ear with their sultry, beautiful undertones and his newest original is as stunning as the rest. “Where We Go” is Black at his finest, combining orchestral elements with his vintage synth-work for a tune filled with profound depth and emotion. He had this to say about his new release, “It’s funny because the name of this track has always been ‘Turkey’ because the drop synth reminded me of a turkey. San Holo and I always referred to it as “The Turkey Track” and never as ‘Where We Go’.”

There isn’t much to say about this track other than that it is as unique as music can be. Jinka, “Trash From The Past” will leave you thinking and wanting a second listen.Speaking about the track Jinka stated: “At the beginning of the song, Trash From The Past might make you feel like you’re attending a Formula 1 race, while there’s seagulls fighting over a piece of hot dog right next to you, but if your ears are sonically hardened and you get past this initial phase of irritation, I hope that the listener becomes intrigued by the power of its punkesque binary stop-and-go structure, the catchiness of its joyful melodies and the comforting message that the ability to forget is a strange skill facilitating the pursuit of happiness.”

More than happy to support a local emerging artist in jimmie, who teamed up with fellow beat-maker Stavro for this eclectic flip on “Hunter.” The Galantis original takes on a new life of its own, as the New Jersey native flexes his mettle by showcasing his ingenuity and technical knowhow through a series of intricate melodies and groove.

Oh Billie – your voice is like butter melting on a big ol’ pile of flapjacks at brunch after a long night of drinking. “idontwannabeyouanymore” is smooth, addictive, and further convinces me that you are well on your way to bonafide stardom. A true starlet amongst wannabes.

FRND – Movies

Jul 28 2017

Following the accumulation of over 20 million streams of his music across multiple platforms, it’s a big day for FRND, who shares debut In Your Dreams EP today, with the effervescent track “Movies“ acting as the focus single. Not only that, the mysterious talent officially unveils his identity as multi-platinum selling producer Andrew Goldstein.

Excited to be sharing a new one from Draper where he ironically brings out the best of his abilities for  a song titled, “Worst of Us.” Speaking about the track, Draper explains, “It’s about being part of a team, and no matter how crazy, how stupid, or how drunk you get it doesn’t matter. The worst of us is essentially about falling in love with a person’s flaws, and being 100% ok with every single one of them.” Powerful stuff, masterfully crafted.

Grammy-winning duo Brasstracks return with their first single of the calendar year in “Fever, out now via TheSoundYouNeed. Big sound, cutting-edge brass elements, and a conscious return to their roots makes this arguably their biggest release of the year.