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Writer: Devin

For a long time 2ToneDisco has always been focused on Japanese culture, Anime, Video Games, and the surrounding subcultures. They’ve has always had a goal of working with Japanese artists, touring in Japan, and just generally staying true to who they are.
While working with Happy Kuru Kuru may be a one-off track, this is the first in a series of collaborations with native Japanese/Korean artists in an effort to establish 2ToneDisco’s growing fan base in the south east Asian region ahead of touring.

LA-based songwriter, Kaerhart, may have just released the anthem of the summer. As I sit here drenched in sweat due to the lack of A/C in Los Angeles, I can’t help but act a fool listening to Kaerhart’s latest single “Losin My Mind.”


Steve Void set up his imprint a little over a year ago, Strange Fruits, and has quickly ascended to greatness. The Netherlands based producer’s latest release “Crooked” is filled with lush melodies and powerful vocals creating a rich musical landscape.

Every now and then a song jumps out at me, and as soon as I hear it I feel an escape from reality. The latest release from Dallerium “Lost in a Moment,” does just that. The duo from Croatia seem to channel influence from the likes of Disclosure, or Rufus Du Sol. Their new single has euphoric sound  elements matched with an upbeat feeling of hope.


I don’t know who this ilo ilo person is, or where they came from, but I am in love. I stumbled on this insanely cute song “Let Me Go” on the hypeM charts and after more research I am now officially obsessed. The producer claims the name translates to “parents aren’t home, come over.” On my way!

Pardon me, but I just rose from my state of entrancement after having this massive remix from AWAY on repeat. I may have slipped into an alternate reality for an amount of time, I could not say. Los Angeles based producer AWAY has been on fire recently remixing some of the industries biggest. His latest take on ZHU and Tame Impala’s “My Life” is an industrial head-splitter filled with insane melodies and grit.

Caution to listeners, you may lose all awareness of physical time and space with one listen. But I suggest sitting back with an amazing pair of headphones and let it happen.

In today’s climate of mass produced hip-hop, its quite difficult to discover new sounds and artists. Thanks to the greatness of Soundcloud’s discovery and social aspect, a song caught my ears from an artist I have never heard before. William $ is a name that will surely be a household name in a matter of time. His lyricism, matched with B. Anderson on the feature, bring a fresh vibe and higher intellect to rap music.

And, of course, we can’t fail to mention the incredibly produced beat by Alexander Lewis.