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Writer: Devin

We have the pleasure of bringing you some real good vibes from the Drishti Beats Collective and premier their release ‘It’s All About the Music’. Their latest downtempo chill track has a positive outlook on music and its effects on life. MC EM Lowe showcases his songwriting with uplifting lyrics.

He had this to say about creating this single: “This song is about giving back through music and not concerning oneself with material but rather improving yourself through the truth and returning what was given to you.”

Miami based singer-songwriter CALICA just released an absolutely salacious single ‘Give &Take’. Her latest is a dreamy, retro wave creation filled with blissful guitars and angelic vocals. She will definitely be an artist on my radar.

The quickly rising duo Black Match have continued to make their statement as being pioneers of Dream Folk with their latest release ‘Poison & Wine’. To me, the two showcase top notch songwriting, as if James Blake and Adelle had babies. Their new single is filled with spacious emotion and atmospheric bliss.

Two of the top bass music producers josh pan and AWAY recently came together to create an industrial trap anthem entitled ‘Mask’. The haunting vocals ride over a crunchy soundscape creating a dark feeling, seemingly inspired by the likes of Radiohead. The release comes to us from the Skrillex imprint OWSLA, a landmark release for both producers.

With the 100th release of his self created imprint Strange Fruits, Steve Void debuted his new single “Closure” featuring vocals from Andy Marsh. The two came together writing a hit that is bubbly and infectious filled with strings, dreamy piano chords and angelic vocals the likes of Chris Martin. Alongside the single they released a cute lyric video filled with peculiar fruits.

CADE is making a name for himeslf with his hybrid sound that encompasses R&B, future, pop and electronic dance music. ‘Strip Club’ is “the soundtrack for blurry nights and bad decisions,” a heady blend of striking musicality and melodic heat from the multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer. He is sure to make waves, especially having Lil Aaron on the feature.

The album art of this release from Mickey Kojak is perfectly fitting for his latest single “Bone.” The song has a unique smoothness, but disturbing grit to it that makes this release one of a kind. He successfully melds Techno darkness with upbeat vocal grooves.