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Writer: Devin

There is something magical about two producers coming together to create a single track that is a journey through genres. That being said, NXSTY and Loca have joined powerful forces to create an absolute massive tune. Their single “Cross Faded” out on the Music High Court imprint is a mix between classic trap, moombah, and future bass touching on every part of the emotional spectrum.

Alternative music is on the rise and a newly emerging artist is looking to make his mark. Enjune is creating a truly unique listening experience filled with haunting vocals and gritty instrumentals. His new single “Fuck Me Up” perfectly ebbs and flows between the lines of heavy & heartfelt masochism. A hint of feigned regret helps weave this sultry & psychedelic daydream, one which savors the taste of poisonous lips.

It seems as though there may be a new music mogul among us that just appeared out of nowhere. While he/she/they seem to DJ greater than Martin Garrix, and is funnier than Dillon Francis, this soon to be super star may be on to something. Pickles’s new single ‘Body Work’ is a house-tastic smasher that will surely be heard on dance floors all summer long.

Producer and beatsmith Medasin brings us some mega vibes with his new single “At Fault”. For his latest he summoned Felly to ride the wave of his salacious beat. Have a listen and get caught in the feels.

There are not many artists that come across my radar that I truly get excited for new releases. Anuka has been one of my favorites ever since I first discovered her. She has to be one of the most talented and well-rounded singer, song-writers.

Her latest single ‘The Change’ is just one piece of an absolutely amazing album she released today, “Rebound”. The single is an empowering piece featuring two of her good friends AMAYA and Emelie, that is full of emotion and depth. Each artist provides a call and response to one another celebrating friendship, love and the evolution that comes with these big themes of life. Check out the visual compliment the three created.

I have long been a fan of Bronze Whale and their dynamic sound that they bring to each and every release. The duo recently announced and came through with their first LP ‘The Shape of Things’ consisting of a compilation of past and brand new music.

The two have successfully created a sonic story from beginning to end with both instrumental and lyrical journeys. Each song offers a unique experience and fills the listener with emotion as we follow them on their escapade. Have a listen for yourself and sit back and enjoy.

A new artist that recently came across my radar Mickey Kojak just released a brand new single ‘It’s Gonna Be Okay’. The producer collaborated with Jake Stone to bring us an insanely groovy jam. Filled with funky baseline and fun upbeat vocals, this is sure to be a smash.

In a world that seems to be filled with so much angst and negativity, it is more important than ever to recognize those who do good on a daily basis. The producer from Mumbai, 32Stitches, has just released a song dedicated to those who sacrifice themselves and even their life to help others in need. His latest single “Heroes” is an emotionally charged homage that is uplifting and truly inspiring. He has captivated us with a cinematic music video that is a tribute to the artist’s biggest heroes.

Heroes is a track I dedicated to my real life heroes around me, especially my family. At all times while growing up, there was only one constant lesson; To be a good human being. This track is how I want to convey what I’ve learned while growing up in the language I speak the best. –32Stitches

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