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Earlier this year L.A.-based duo ROOM8 (composed of Ezra Reich and Nic Johns) made waves with their catchy pop track “No Hard Feelings.” Taking things down a notch, Rothchild aka Ryland Blackington channels a Kavinsky like sound with dark building synths and haunting vocal cuts. The end result is a more complex slow building tune that we haven’t been able to get out of our heads.

The remix is available for free download and you can check out both the remix and the original down below.


Don Rimini‘s latest offering Diamond Wax is the percussive techno workout we’ve been waiting for. The three track EP is a high energy miz of ghetto tech and low-slung electro. Starting off with heavy rolling percussion in “Octopussy,” Rimini then shows his more melodic side with “Black Rainbow” and finishes nicely with dark stabbing synth work in “L’Amoureux.”

The EP is also available for streaming AND free download via Soundcloud.

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New York based producer LEFTI has been popping up all over the place in the past couple months. His remixes of Solidisco, Avan Lava, and Big Data have garnered quite a bit of attention and the rest of 2015 looks just as busy and bright. In his latest offering, LEFTI brings us another stellar remix of pop duo ASTR. The vibrant re-work features pulsating retro synths and clanging percussion, and is available for free download via Soundcloud.


Rex The Dog is here to make sure you have the best summer ever.

Following his return on Kompakt this year with his Sicko EP, Rex The Dog (aka Jake Williams) teams up with the label to bring us just over an hour of acid infused techno, funky slow burning house music and just about everything in-between. With live sets scheduled throughout summer and a new EP set to be released later this year, this mix is just a taste of what we can expect from Williams in 2015.


Wes James aka Le Youth first came on our radar when we stumbled upon his remix of Goldroom’s “Angeles” back in 2012, his mix classic house and r&b was something that had yet to find it’s footing within the dance music community. Flash forward three years and Le Youth’s style of deep 90′s era house music has exploded and the Los Angeles based producer shows no signs of slowing down. Set to play Splash House this weekend, Wes answered some of our burning questions before heading out to the desert.

What are your essentials in the studio?
Keyboard, laptop, caffeine, iPhone, white wine, my dog

I first remember hearing the name Le Youth because of amazing remixes. Has your process in picking songs to remix remained the same throughout the years?
I’m definitely more open to remixing things I wouldn’t have wanted to remix before. I was super neurotic about the whole thing. I’ve relaxed a bit these days.

You use a lot of vocal sampling in your tracks but we’ve heard you’ve been in the studio with the likes of MNEK and some other vocalists, does this mean you’re going to experiment more with lyrics and songwriting?
I’ve been a songwriter for years, so it’s not exactly experimenting when I’m in the studio writing vocals. That said, vocal sampling is very experimental for me

You’re launching your own label this summer, can you tell us a bit about it and what can we expect in terms of releases?
I’m excited to be able to release music by my friends that inspires me. It won’t necessarily all sound like my music, but I feel it all gels together regardless of what micro­genre it falls under. There’s a pretty great group of artists producing right now that I think just make fun music. And that’s what this label will be about. There’s a lot of these artists at Splash House this summer that fall within realm. And that’s all I can say for now ;)

Are there any other labels or artists that have inspired you in this process of starting your own imprint?
French Express, Blasé Boys Club, Hot Creations

When you’re not producing, what kind of music do you listen to?
A lot of indie rock, some folk, though I’ve been rinsing the new Clean Bandit record over the last couple weeks

Your sound is heavily influenced my 90′s pop and r&b, does stem from your childhood or is it a more recent inspiration for you?
Definitely from my childhood. I grew up on 90s pop radio.

Splash House is an unique concept that’s drawing 20­somethings out to Palm Springs. In contrast, there’s been heavy debate about the dying down of festivals. Do you see this festival as being a part of a new era in the way people see live music/DJ sets?
It can definitely be easier to cultivate a specific vibe at a smaller festival like Splash House which I think is really cool, and it allows for festivals in some awesome and unique locations. That being said, I don’t think huge festivals like Coachella will ever go away, they’re too big to fail.

What can we expect from you in the 2nd Half of 2015?
I’ll be finally releasing some new music that I’m really excited about.

Make sure to check out Le Youth’s upcoming tour dates below, and catch him at Splash House this Saturday (psst you can get your tickets here).