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Let’s Play House continues it’s stellar release schedule with a brand new EP by Chocki Hookon appropriately titled Warehouse Jams. The release features two originals and two remixes by LPH’s very own Jacques Renault. “In The Street” is driven by muffled thudding baselines while vintage airy vocal work floats along top, while “Random Madness” features heavy fx and wavey synth work. Renault’s two takes on “In The Street” features more housey piano work, turning the title track into a more dynamic and accessible sound.

The EP is set to be released on April 5th, and is available for pre-order over on Juno.


Rex The Dog makes a triumphant return to Kompakt Records with Sicko. Cut vocals create the driving rhythm while dry minimal percussion pounds in the back. The production is so clean, so clear, that in the hands of almost anyone else it would feel empty and lifeless. Jake Williams has spend the last two years making his very own RTD-101 sampler is used in the modular synthesiser you hear in his latest work, which is why the simplistic track sounds so dynamic.

Sicko will be available on March 2, until then you can stream the title track down below.


Miami Horror is back and they’re here to say that it’s 1987 and a great time to be alive! Their newest single “Love Like Mine” sounds more like the ending track to an 80′s teen comedy than the dreamy dance-pop they’re known for. I wanna bump this when I’m hangin out at the mall or cruzin down Sunset Boulevard, wearing some tight shades sippin on a can of Crystal Pepsi. Almost comically heavy retro synths and rubbery basslines bounce along under vocals so incredibly sugary sweet that they actually work.

Along with this latest single, these Aussies have also announced a new album “All Possible Futures”, which will be available on April 21st. You can check out the track listing and “Love Like Mine” down below.


1. American Dream
2. Real Slow
3. Love Like Mine
4. Cellophane (So Cruel)
5. Wild Motion
6. (Into the Night)
7. Colours in the Sky
8. All It Ever Was
9. (Maybe I Need You)
10. Out of Sight
11. Stranger
12. Who Is Gonna Save Us
13. (Happy Without You)
14. Another Rise, Another Fall
15. Forever Ever


Fort Romeau and New Jackson team up to create “Not A Word,” which comes off Romeau’s upcoming LP Insides, and is a proper insight into what we can expect from his sophomore album.

The track features evocative vocals with synths that expand and float away within the expansive space, carried by a plodding yet confident bassline creating a more accessible sound than some previous work. “Not A Word” feels tangible and alive, which can be due to the fact that the entire album was mixed on an analog desk and mastered to tape. What should sound billowy, empty and ambient turns out to be quite the opposite, a cosmic mix that’s rich and full of texture.

Insides will be released March 31st via Ghosty, until then you can stream “Not A Word” down below.


Following his breakout year, Chambray’s first release of 2015 is a dynamic techno affair. The four track EP titled Work That once again showcases the Berlin based producer’s knack for floor-minded dance music, with heavy Detroit influences and melodic overtones.

Starting off with “Anew” – an ethereal soundscape with vocals that seem to rise and fall, followed by “Work That” which does just that – thudding basslines and hyper-cut vocals drive through til the very end. Finishing off with the hyperactive “In Effect” and the more groove driven “Those Jawns,” the EP is a welcomed addition to the ULTRAMAJIC discography. Work That is due later this month and is available for streaming below.


Andy Butler, the founder of Hercules & Love Affair is going solo with his first EP, “You Can Shine”. The two tracks will be released February 23 on vinyl and March 16 on Beatport off his own label, mr.intl.

Butler had this to say about his first solo release:

“Whilst Hercules has a collaborative, collective approach, “Shine” goes for a more direct approach, a stomping, uplifting club 12″ but it’s me so it will still have something of Hercules about it. I wanted to tap into the gospel tradition, for there to be a testifying quality to the record. Richard and I talk in the lyrics about putting ego aside and allowing people around you to shine. You shine when you acknowledge other people’s shine, even, if you will, the creator’s shine. I hope we’ve created something new. House is often soulful but you very rarely hear a big gospel-inflected voice paired with booming, doomy techno.”

The title track is a melting pot of house, techno and disco elements which features the soulful Richard Kennedy on vocals. It’s available for streaming down below.