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Hailing from Stockholm, INDIIA is a new disco-masked duo making left-of-center electropop music and has recently revealed their debut single “Out Of Love”. Featuring vocals from also rising singer Whitney, “Out Of Love” has the makings of a radio hit with crisp production, a bellow-y alto, and infectious hooks.

Minke – Armour

Jun 14 2017

Get blissfully lulled by London upstart Minke’s smooth guitar breakdowns in her second release “Armour”. The track is a unique cocktail of alt-rock/R&B and follows her debut release “Gold Angel” that’s garnered over 3 million Spotify streams.

Newcomer Xie teams up with V!RTU for a genre-bending debut “Just Like Me” with whistling synths, looping over a sinister bass line that creates a hypnotic bed for both Xie and V!RTU’s vocals to lie atop on. Comparing themselves to two flames throughout, the track relishes in the qualities that keep them bound together, as they repeat “you’re just like me” as the song hits its glorious drop.

Scandinavia has long since held a reputation for producing some of the biggest names in pop music and Danish duo Blondage has set their sights for global conquest as well. “BOSS” is their latest left-of-center experimental pop hymn with piercing vocals from Esben and Pernille alike.

Dublin-born, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Sorcha Richardson returns with an empowering new single “4AM” for all the single ladies and single guys about not settling for less than you deserve. The late-night anthem has fuzzed out synth production and the repeated mantra, “It’s 4 in the morning, I think you should go.”

Jaymes Young continues to tease his debut album releasing a fourth single “Stone” that once again showcases Jaymes’ poetic lyricism. The song spotlights his robust delivery, entering quietly over a sparse piano before a flurry of percussion and lovelorn poetic lyrics build into the chorus’ euphoric melody.

Freshly formed supergroup Amelia Airhorn is The Knocks and Skylar Spence, who initially met while on tour last year where they discovered a mutual passion for classic disco/soul records and Fatboy Slim. As Amelia Airhorn, they reveal their first single “Miracle”, a groove-laden track that comes accompanied by an animated visualizer depicting Amelia experiencing different aspects of both artists’ hometown, New York City.

Young love can be both exciting and scary, emotions that young New York City based singer Chelsea Cutler touches on in her new single “Sixteen”. Her bashful confessional “Your Shirt” released earlier this year has clocked almost 10 million Spotify streams and “Sixteen” is well on its way to becoming a hit as well.