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Writer: Martin

Acid stomper courtesy of Italian but Madrid based producer/dj Bawrut, new EP “Turbo” is out today via Life And Death.

“They sat quietly across from each other, eyes down trying to avoid one another’s gaze. You could cut the tension with a knife, things had been said that couldn’t be unsaid. They were no longer joined by the same bond as before, now they were more like strangers, unsure of whether to stay or go. But that was just how life played out, and whatever life throws at you, you just have to shake yourself off and keep on rollin…”

Liverpool trio Matrefakt have been making waves these past months due to an amazing collab with San Proper and huge tunes released via Skreams label Of Unsound Mind etc.

They’re kickstarting 2020 with the release of their new single “Spider’s Web” which will drop tomorrow January 17th via ATL Records. We here at Discobelle let you hear the B-side closing track “Do For Now” (a collaboration with Culture Jam) as an exclusive premiere, the track itself is a groove-filled track with a pumping drum-based beat and vocal stabs.

FSQ is a New York outfit headed up by Discobelle family member Chuck Fishman together with Grammy-nominated GKoop, Morgan Wiley, Chas Bronz, and One Era. FSQ have a slew of amazing releases under their belt and they’ve shared the stage with funk legends such as George Clinton, Parliament-Funkadelic!

We here at Discobelle are extremely proud to be able to offer up the exclusive premiere of FSQ’s epic 10 minutes long rework of the Ozgood and Sa’d The Hourchild Ali single track “No Couture” (drops tomorrow January 17th via Soul Clap Records and which also features close friend/collaborator, the supertalented Jamaica-based producer/artist David Marston).

The rework pits a tight, strutting disco rhythm against ethereal sounding guitar chords that intertwine with Sa’d Ali’s booming house music vocal sermons and a stomping bassline. The track is the perfect companion on a cold, dark January weekend and will immediately lift your spirits.