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Writer: Martin

Danish soul-pop artist Iris Gold drops the visuals for her fabulous and energy packed new single “Wow”.

“I imagined ‘WOW’ in a dream, where I was in a barn, surrounded by a bunch of Jamaicans in cowboy attire, dancing in a sort of dancehall /line dance combination. It was a psychedelic dream where the energy being one big party, where you forget about who is watching, you’re a badass and you can be yourself 100 %!”

The track is taken off her debut album “Planet Cool” which is slated for a release this June.

“’Planet Cool’ is my idea of a perfect world, that I used to dream of as a kid who didn’t really fit in. It’s a place where Dolly Parton sings the news, you don’t need a visa to get in, and the sky is the limit”.

For those of us here in Europe, Iris will play a string of UK/European festivals this summer.

Swedish artist Adam 888 teamed up with Oslo based producer Clairmont for the electronica laced trap ballad “Back Inzide”.

“Back Inzide” is the first single to be released from Adam 888 during May.

“Back Inzide” is a song about life’s mystery and beauty. To be able to experience the beauty we need to go back inside. A lot of times I tend to get stuck in my thoughts so I made this song to remind myself the importance of going back inside my body, connecting to my soul. The track is produced by Oslo based Clairmont, I was playing a few chords on the guitar and Clair felt the vibe and made this fire beat. We made the track in one session, an effortless creation, we were definitely back inside”

Swedish mystery duo San Fran just released their magnificent debut single “The Look You Gave Me” and it’s a dancey-pop anthem in the vein of Peter Björn and Johns 2006 whistling mega-hit “Young Folks”.

“San Fran is a mysterious constellation of comfortably awkward explorers, down on one knee proposing to the pop scene, in hope that their naive eyes and playful melodies will steal the heart and the feet of at least some of you. San Fran is short for Sans France which literally translates to “without France”, an homage to the fact that the band has little to no connection to that country. The debut single ”The Look You Gave Me” is a documentation of a moment. Roberto Benigni once said ”If looks could kill, I am dead now” this is a song about the opposite ”If looks could give birth, I’m alive now”…”