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Writer: Martin

Warm and soulful electronic pop from London based artist Fifi Rong who draws inspiration from reggae/dub elements with upcoming single “The One”, which will be released on October 13th.

Listen to the premiere of the track right here on Discobelle and use the track to hold off the inevitable autumn feelings which should be right around the corner.

“Whereas a lot of my songs/productions represent only a part of me, this track sums up my creative evolution really nicely. It combines my very early influences in sounds and the most recent progress in my song writing. It’s something I’m proud to present as a true reflection of where I am musically. Whilst the soundscape of this production is dark and quirky, I’m definitely having fun with it all, finding peace in seemingly bad situations and enjoying life as it comes.”

Ukrainian born but now calling Los Angeles home electropop star Ivan Dorn is releasing his English debut album “OTD” in November and as a taster we can premiere the infectious and thumping single “Groovy Shit”.

“The melody just popped into my head one day and would not go away, it had such an infectious groove that made you want to get up and dance. In the shower, standing in line, on the stage. It’s really impossible to stay still.”

Stockholm producer, purveyor of futuristic club tracks and one of the founders of the Staycore label Dinamarca turns the classic Opus III track “It’s A Fine Day” upside down and we get a bassy, slo-mo club track that sounds like it’s influenced by cumbia or tribal guarachero.