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Writer: Martin

French producer/dj DAZE just released the first single off his forthcoming EP, “Oh!” features fluid vocals from Fanny and channels soothing summer vibes with a bouncy yet mellow French electro-pop vibe.

British born, Sweden based songwriter/producer Gongkreeper returns with the absolutely stellar new track “No Doubt” which is the first in a series of songs and videos in which he accounts his experience of moving to the beautiful and bleak climbs of Scandinavia.

Production on the track comes from heavyweight US-based Soundcloud producer LSL, and “No Doubt” sits somewhere in between the dreamy electronica/folk variations of Joji and the crisp sounding, bass-heavy productions of cloud rap.

Brand new single release from Swedish artist Elias, “Focus” serves as a prelude to his upcoming debut album which is set to be released later this year. “Focus” is produced by Humble & Blisse and is a beautiful, dreamlike pop masterpiece evoking visions of grandeur.

“It’s about me leaving a relationship and getting on with my life. I’m conflicted about it, but I know that it’s something that I have to do – I think people can relate to that. Sometimes you have to choose to leave something behind when it’s not working anymore.”