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Johan Agebjörn and Sally Shapiro are a mysterious Swedish duo known for their icy, haunting ambient disco soundscapes. While it’s hard to top Johan’s 2011 stunner “Watch the World Go By,” this inspired remix of Frankfurt trance pioneers Jam & Spoon may be his most captivating production yet. The humble techno wizard from Lund, who works by day as an accountant for a green non-profit, conjures a mesmerizing flurry of synth and drums to accompany original vocals from 90s songstress Plavka. Meandering jazz-fusion piano fills and Sally’s otherworldly backing harmonies help lift the track into the cosmic jam stratosphere.

“Find Me” appears alongside tracks from Holy Ghost!, Glass Candy, Young Galaxy and Lindstrøm on the duo’s new remix album Sweetened, out now on Paper Bag Records.


Dev Hynes, the heartbreak pop genius behind the Blood Orange project and producer for the likes of Solange, Sky Ferreira and The Chemical Brothers, is back with another staggeringly beautiful piece of epic new wave R&B. “Flatline” is the first original track from Mutya Keisha Siobhan, a new project featuring the founding members of legendary London girl pop group Sugababes. “Flatline” showcases the powerful ascending vocal harmonies that helped the ‘babes deliver 18 top ten UK hits around the start of the millennium, leading British Hit Singles & Albums to dub them the most successful female act of the 21st century. Hynes’ signature ping-ponging delay FX’d guitars give way to impossibly lush beds of synth and immaculately conceived beats in a gut-wrenching dramatic soundscape that proves once again why this gifted Essex-born synesthete is one of the very best producers in the world.


Southern Shores craft blissful balearic dreamscapes that will transport you to a lush and haunting secret world, suspended someplace between past, present and future. Sweet escape, piercing nostalgia, romance, fantasy and reality swirl together in the faint breezes of their intoxicating harmonies. Fluttering strings, blaring horns and twinkling keys mingle with plaintive far-off voices as crisp drums rustle underfoot in intricate tracks that reach deep within.

They made us this mix.

This mix underwent a wonderfully organic evolution throughout its creation. Originally conceived as an exploration of early balearic influences, we found a strong impulse of classic 90s garage beginning to creep in after a particularly raucous house party DJ set. The result is a meeting point between the two ideas and is probably better for it. Talk Talk B-sides meet Gabrielle and man we had a lot of fun making it :)
-Southern Shores


Tangerine Dream – Love On A Real Train
Luke – Heavens On Fire
Hot Natured feat. Ali Love – Forward Motion
Gabrielle – Sunshine
Luomo – Tessio
Glass Candy – Beautiful Object
Jacques Greene + Tinashe – Painted Faces
Holy Other – Held (Fort Romeau Remix)
Close – O S C A R
Captain Planet – Bokazo
Airbird & Napolian – Special
Talk Talk – Happiness Is Easy (Paul Webb and Lee Harris Dub)


Peter Thomas, the 22-year-old wunderkind Neon Gold has dubbed “the young prince,” is back with a glistening high-energy remix of New York duo The Knocks. Thomas, who first caught my ear via his production work on Betty Who‘s stunning debut EP The Movement, continues to establish his distinctive solo sound on this track. As in the remix of Phoenix’s “Entertainment” he dropped last month, Thomas whips up a glittery whirlwind of frenetic but funky synth blips en route to an outro that’s pure melodic bliss.

Peter is currently putting the finishing touches on his first original productions, and has also started work on the next Betty Who EP.


German deep disco outfit Satin Jackets just delivered this truly blissed-out remix of Follow Me’s “Somethin’ Bout You,” featuring pin-sharp production and expansive balearic grooves befitting the “summertime glam jam” genre tag the trio selected. The track’s elegant stripped-back future house arrangement, soulful vocal sample and straightforward positive energy recall Chris Malinchak’s recent breakout hit “So Good To Me.” Misty filter sweeps and tropical percussion cut through a thick ether of glittery synths in a song that should feel right at home on your summer leisure mix.


When we need a break from deep disco and the kick kick snare-isms of dancefloor music, one of the first places we turn is Danger Village. LA publicist Beth Martinez handpicks her artists and only promotes bands she loves. To celebrate Discobelle’s redesign, Beth put together a mix that reflects the depth and diversity of the Danger Village aesthetic, ranging from breezy tropicalia to dreampop to dance to pure indie rock. When you stop by the village you can count on finding genuine independent music built on thoughtful songwriting and a strong DIY ethic. Beth took the time to write a few words about why she loves each song on this mix; you can find her musings below. Her associate Mark also made a nice purple Discobelle frog for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

1) Empire of the Sun – “Alive”

Loving every minute of this song cause it makes me feel so alive. This should be everyone’s song of the summer. I find the lyrics particularly inspirational. Freedom is within you.

2) WALLA – “Nature”

This song hit over Memorial Day weekend and it was the perfect time to set the feeling for pool parties and backyard barbeques.

3) Stay Bless – “Always”

We’re over the top crazy about the summery Peter Gabriel vibes from Stay Bless. Who knew Celine Dion referencing could be so freaking cool?

4) Sivu – “Better Man Than He”

I love songs that remind me of the Into the Woods, and this is one of them.

5) Belle Ville – “Mixed Voices”

I like the “raerrrr -rearrr – rearrrr” slide sound effect in this song. That’s probably not the technical term for that noise.

6) Majical Cloudz – “Bugs Don’t Buzz”

I had heard this name around a lot and when I finally got around to listening was surprised that it sounded nothing like what I thought it would. I love the sad solo spotlight performer aspect of this song, like John C. Reilly’s big song in Chicago.

7) Karl x Johan – “Never Leave Me”

This might be my first repeat band on a mix since I put “I Love It” on two mixes last summer. I just love Karl x Johan that much. Thanks to Jeff Cascine for the tip on this band many months ago.

8) London Grammar – “Metal & Dust”

Been digging these guys for a while now, I love the chorus here.

9) Lovelife – “Your New Beloved”

Speaking of loving life…I love the auto-tuned harmonies at the end when the beat drops out.

10) Vampire Weekend – “Yah Hey”

I usually lose interest in bands once they get popular but Vampire Weekend holds my interest with this turn of

11) Daft Punk – “Get Lucky”

I first heard this on KCRW and immediately knew it would be one of my songs of the summer before evening know who it was. Still wish they had a different vocal than Pharrell, though.

*Bonus Track*
12) Deafheaven – “Dreamhouse”

I fell in love with it the first time I heard this song. It’s really impressive how Deafheaven combines the elements of screamo with shoegaze so blendingly. I know it’s not good to put a 9 minute song in a mix but it’s SO GOOD, I’m adding it on as the bonus track.


Glaswegian electropop sensations CHVRCHES are among a handful of new high-profile acts successfully bridging the gap between 80s revival electronica and accessible radio pop. Their latest track “Gun” was just remixed by LA artist Jasper Patterson (AKA Groundislava), who first caught our ear on “TV Dream,” a breathtaking collaboration with mysterious Japanese underground producer and former hikikomori Clive Tanaka. Groundislava’s “Gun” remix is marked by creatively deconstructed vocals and cascades of Nintendo-wave synth blips that land his sound in a nebulous zone somewhere between chiptune and nu-disco. His playfully experimental electronica and CHVRCHES tight pop hooks come together beautifully in this track, which will be featured on the Gun EP, out July 14 in the UK.


Bostonian-by-way-of-Sydney Jess Newham (Betty Who) is one of our favorite new electropop sensations. Her debut EP The Movement effortlessly blends an accessible radio pop style with 80s revival electronica in the vein of Mitch Murder, Washed Out, Futurecop! and Fm Attack. Jess’ graceful yet commanding vocals are the perfect complement to lush synthpop backing tracks produced by the talented young Peter Thomas, a 22-year-old phenom who teamed up with Jess when they were both attending Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music.

My personal favorite track off The Movement, “High Society,” was recently given the remix treatment by New York/Seattle-based production duo The Soundmen. Their mashup-esque spin on the song sandwiches Jess’ vocals between 90s hip hop samples in a breezy, laidback timewarp of a production that feels just right for summer. Stream it below.