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This new release from Justin Faust and Discotexas has had me groovin’ all weekend. If you missed my coverage of the original mix, peep it here.

This time, I wax poetic on the tasty remix from NTEIBINT, who pitches the tempo down to slinkier territories with his low slung version. Italo stylings and a half-time, chordal breakdown soundtrack visions of a dancing Spacer Woman and her Capricorn Man, locked in a cosmic embrace of Cybernetic Love.

If you like synthy shit, DIG THIS!



Media Blackout comes correct with this fresh offering from Bucharest based producer, Elektromekanik. ‘Are You Alright’ is a brooding, melancholic stroll through analogue gardens while 8-bit butterflies pollinate Fairlight flowers….in other words; it’s really synthy and beautifully crafted. Elektromekanik, nee’ Victor Gunta, walks a fine line between deep and dark and his exceptional combination of vintage sounds and modern production is pitch perfect on this outing.

Tapped for remixes, Mexican beatsmith, Jorge Prida takes us deeper with a chuggier tempo and sweet flourishes of piano and guitar while Texas natives, Night Drive head the opposite direction with their Italo-tinged version. Cascading melodies and layer upon layer of arppegiated synth lines usher in Night Drive’s signature sound in the best possible way, most definitely the heaviest dance-floor cut on the release.

Buy the EP HERE.


Austin-based house producer, Off Da Clock celebrates the release of his debut EP, ‘Rooftop Swank,’ out today on Xephyron Digital. The double track EP features all manner of boogie business with two thoughtfully crafted cuts of dissected disco house. Up first, ‘Jus 2 Hot’ is a euphoric blend of horn stabs and shimmering chords while ’3 Miles High’ follows a similar formula, though it’s looped phrases and bottom-heavy bassline make it more of a peak-time heater than it’s counterpart. Wash this all down with a free remix of ‘Jus 2 Hot’ by the one and only, Go Go Bizkitt! and you’ve got a stellar package!

Buy it on Beatport here.


Australian synth wizard, Luke Million sheds the safety of his production outfit, The Swiss, and goes solo on this forthcoming EP for etcetc music. What we have here is the full premiere of the buttery title track, ‘Light & Sound,’ a gorgeous opener that carries infectious vocal hooks on a bed of lush chords and a melodic bassline.

Stay tuned for an official video from the creative minds at Entropico (Touch Sensitive, Beni, Nicky Night Time) and illustrator, Laura Ives. EP drops September 26th!


Hot of the presses, Munich-based, Discotexas alum, Justin Faust has dropped the first single from his forthcoming LP, ‘Spellbound.’ Here, we have the titular cut, a swanky jammer that features bubbly bongo riffs and skittering, layered arpeggios. A gorgeous, chordal breakdown adds to the tune’s cosmically epic leanings, like a land-speeder cruise thru the valleys of some distant, alien planet.

The forthcoming album drops September 19th on Discotexas.


We’ve got a real treat for you today… an exclusive listen at the latest remix from Scottish disco-fiend, Go Go Bizkitt! This time, he’s taken the reins of Austin-based producer, Off Da Clock’s latest a-side, ‘Jus 2 Hot’, which is forthcoming on his debut, ‘Rooftop Swank EP’ for Xephyron Digital.

Off Da Clock’s music is all about sharing good vibes with the world, one party at a time, and our man Go Go brilliantly showcases that philosophy with his swagger-laden remix. From the kickin’ horn samples, to the chunky beats and guitar riffs, ‘Jus 2 Hot’ is pure disco dynamite!

Due to timeline restrictions, this remix won’t be included on the official EP release. Lucky for you, Go Go and Off Da Clock saw it fit to bless the world with a FREE DOWNLOAD, ahhhh yea! Be sure to follow all the lads to their linked profiles and stay up on more information about the download!

Off Da Clock’s debut EP, ‘Rooftop Swank’ drops this Friday, September 5th, on Xephyron Digital.