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Folamour and his label, Moonrise Hill Material, have been on the come-up in our world lately with a heightened profile after the folks at Sleazy Beats Recordings announced their first release on the freshly minted, Make Believe Disco. If it wasn’t obvious, this inaugural release is courtesy of Folamour and immediately piqued our interest with it’s delightful, woozy house jams. To our added excitement, Folamour, nee` Bruno, popped over an email with this tune from a forthcoming, MHM various artist comp, sniffing about for a premiere with us…what a lucky day!

Bruno’s contribution to the release was an immediate winner here at the DB offices and we couldn’t wait to get it out to you. Although its a bit of a departure, tempo-wise, from what we’ve heard, this bumpy, R&B-infused joint is certain to cure any stagnant dance-floor. Available soon and only on lovely, 12″ vinyl.


Just caught wind of this vibey little 12″ on Going Home featuring the analogue house talents of Maxine & Cleo. The “Celestial Frame Of Mind EP” is aptly titled as four cuts of raw, cosmic flavors expand across both sides of this lovely slice of wax. The titular track carries bright pads and crisp, 808 percussion… unfolding over 7 minutes of blissful, dance floor euphoria. “Kids pt.1 & pt.2” follow up with equally bittersweet emotions sprinkled upon thick beds of sizzling grooves… “pt.2” taking it just a tad further with a tougher exterior. Closing out the disc, we have “Lightness Of Being,” a gorgeous bumper that brings a fair share of acid flourishes to the mix, something we couldn’t be mad at if we tried.

Essential tracks right here. SNAG EM!


Secret Reels has been busy forging a unique path through the hazy, global landscape of groove-laden house. With just five releases spread across two years, plus a sixth on the way, the fledgling label boasts a small, yet impressively curated catalogue.

We continue our spotlight and coverage on the burgeoning UK imprint by nabbing the crown jewel: an exclusive mix from the boss man himself, Lee Dearn. Formerly 1/2 of founding duo, Purple Velvet, Lee and his partner split ways after a much celebrated final EP, on Houston’s Kolour LTD, and Lee took the reigns as grandmaster of Secret Reels. Recently, we’ve featured mixes from his label artists Harry Wolfman, Kian T and have one forthcoming from Mancunian and Razor-N-Tape cohort, Loz Goddard.

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Demonstrating his deft A&R sense, Moon Harbour boss, Matthias Tanzmann taps the duo of Luca Donzelli & Mar-T for four firing tracks on their “Disco Techno Revolution EP.” Mar-T has more than a decade’s experience in the game. He has released countless big hitters on labels like WOW! and ALiVE and is a revered selector who has been resident DJ at Amnesia, Ibiza, since 1999. Here he links with Luca Donzelli, label manager at WOW!, and once more, the pair demonstrate their innate abilities to produce pure, dance floor shakers!
‘Disco Techno Revolution’ goes first and is a bristling track with turbo charged bass. It explodes into life over and over again with whirring machines and slick percussion, sure to make the club go wild. ‘Mama Loves You’ is deeper and more seductive, with cheeky drum patterns and stripped back funk layered with muttered vocals that are sure to become anthemic.
‘That Freaky Stuff’ goes back to hard hitting drums that are bold and commanding. As they loop over and over, blasts of busted bass add meat to the bones and ensure that crowds will be locked into the action from start to finish. Finally, ‘Hankel Heisen’ marries slick and rubbery bass with clever filter tweaks and sweeping synths to add up to a full fat, peak-time house bomb.

Nachtbraker, the Dutch producer and resident “weirdo” of the Heist Recordings camp (which is helmed by Detroit Swindle and includes FOUK, Brame & Hamo and Andy Hart in it’s artist stable) recorded this Live mix especially for our exclusive series and we are beyond stoked to present it here. Captured at the recent Heist label night at Prince Charles in Berlin, our boy lays down a 90 minute set rich with deep vibes, tribal percussion and wonky grooves.

Aside from globetrotting and dropping huge DJ sets, the young producer has been on a role as of late, having just released his third EP for Heist (more info here) and scoring an appearance on the 100th release compilation for Dirt Crew (more here). To top it all off, he’s also found the time to launch his own imprint, Quartet Series, which has hosted the likes of S3A, Ponty Mython, Saine and Crackazat.



Dirt Crew Recordings, the bastion of German deep house, hit a milestone this year with their 100th release and the latest in the “Deep Love” compilation series. Set to drop across a double vinyl on September 12th, this impressive VA comp houses 11, all exclusive tracks from new and old favourites including Detroit Swindle, Nachtbraker, The Revenge and Felix Leifur. A sonic trip that is not to be taken lightly, the Dirt Crew family invite to to come along through deep and hazy corridors of jazz, disco and funk infused house. This diverse and plentiful outing includes work outs for your dance floor alongside intergalactic analogue synth laden voyages, originating from artists they’ve uncovered from Japan to Iceland and many places in between.

Highlights include the murky, driving energies offered by Rose Records’ cohorts, M.ono & Luvless, on their contribution, “Whopa.” Piano stabs and chirpy vocal snips punctuate washy pads and shimmering percussion while a relentless, rolling bassline carries us through the duration. Secret Reels affiliate, Harry Wolfman, brings a taste of the sublime with “Rainbow Set” and it’s smooth chords and wonky synth riffs. The Revenge hypnotize us with the acidic “Narrow Hatch,” while Good Guy Mikesh plunges 10,000 leagues below with the ultra-deep and bouncy, “Boiling.” Last but not least, Huerta steals the show with an uplifting blast of pure dance floor euphoria on “Blvd.”

All in all, this is a perfect way to celebrate this influential label’s 100th release.

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Amtrac makes his debut for the W&O Street Tracks imprint (helmed by Waze & Odyssey) with a double-header of anthemic house cuts in “Farewell/Renton.” Displaying his refined and toned proficiency in the studio, Amtrac has found plenty of favor with heavy hitters from his lauded releases on Toolroom and OWSLA to collaborations with Alex Metric and remixes for Fred Falke, Kaskade and The Swiss.

“Farewell” kicks off with filtered pads, vocal chirps and 808 melodies. Crisp percussion flitters atop as a lovely, driving track unfolds over the next five minutes in a truly enveloping experience…perfect sunrise material. “Renton” follows suit but with a slightly deeper vibe, one where serious dance floor transcendence is certainly implied. Just take a peep at that arpeggiated breakdown and it would be hard to describe this as anything but blissful. Both tunes hold a similar space in melody and arrangement to each other and harken to a late-ninties, UK flavor a la Oribital or Faithless. The b-side being titled “Renton” only serves to reinforce the mental images of Ewan McGregor walking off into the sunset via “Halcyon On & On.”

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Andrea Pedra, aka Kian T, is the Italian producer known for a particular brand of hazy, deep house that has earned him releases on Gomma sub-label, Toy Tonics, as well as the Lee Dearn (formerly of the duo known as Purple Velvet) helmed imprint, Secret Reels. As he readies his sophomore release for the label, we were able to convince the man to crank out this lovely, hour long mix for your listening delights. Expect heavy swung grooves, smooth rhodes chords and boat-loads of vinyl hiss… not to mention the odd Motown sample here and there.

Kian T’s offering marks the second installment of our Secret Reels series, the first being from Harry Wolfman a few weeks back. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming mixes from Loz Goddard and the Secret Reels’ man himself, Lee Dearn.