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Released earlier this year via Eskimo Recordings, the “Cocktail EP” by Belgian producer Transistorcake is the sound of a night out on the town, on October 30th we get the re-edited versions courtesy of Berlin based NYC transplant Curses.

Here at Discobelle we can premiere the A-side track “Grenadine” that gets put through the wringer with a subtle emphasis on the slow and steadfast beat and the acid sounding synth work.

“There is such a strong element of improvisational chemistry in these songs, and I wanted to keep that hypnotic energy, and respect the live instrumentation. Just by adding some subtle details and arrangement changes it really accentuates the warmth in the body, and gives these tracks some added heavy jelly when played on a louder system.”

Atlanta based producer/dj Divine Interface with his debut release “So Fine” on always on point US label 2MR. His sound can best be described as a left-field take on electronic dance music and with an ATL twist that the producer himself aptly named “ghetto lo-fi”, the track itself immerses itself in a hypnotic and eerie slo-mo, bleeped out beat that twinkles with acid sounds while lingering underneath talk-sung vocals.

In anticipation of the upcoming hfn music release Sisters & Brothers EP “Third Gathering” curated by Danish/Icelandic tag team Kasper Bjørke and Sexy Lazer who presents tracks of their own aswell as tracks from their friends (hence the name Sisters & Brothers), we here at Discobelle are able to exclusively give you this smashing dj mix from Sexy Lazer that brims with spaced-out and funked up tracks of acid house, house, cosmic disco, techno and electronica.

Tracklist for the mix after the jump:

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Acid stomper courtesy of Italian but Madrid based producer/dj Bawrut, new EP “Turbo” is out today via Life And Death.

“They sat quietly across from each other, eyes down trying to avoid one another’s gaze. You could cut the tension with a knife, things had been said that couldn’t be unsaid. They were no longer joined by the same bond as before, now they were more like strangers, unsure of whether to stay or go. But that was just how life played out, and whatever life throws at you, you just have to shake yourself off and keep on rollin…”